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To a rose that shines forever
You know we'll always be together
Until the sunlight dies
I'll water this flower with the tears I cry
I'll keep you warm
with both my both open arms
We'll make this love bloom light the empty ballrooms
I'll carry you off into the yellow sunset you look so stunning as you're dressed in red
We'll be twirling together by the dancefloor
Entwined by what fate has in store
For both of us we'll reach our destiny I believe it finally it will end with you and me

Anwer Ghani 
I am an old farmer, so I know this earth perfume. I grew between the legumes like a butterfly loving the sunshine. Come here look at Euphrates. He is sweet and clear. He doesn't know any spite. With a brown garment and a headband, he descended as a desert cavalier, so it is not strange to see all that sand covering his face. Also I will tell you about Uruk, the sleepy city, which were the seven wise men built up its foundations with copper. Come here look at my palms, and see how they are coarse like our palm trees and lucent Ambergris which filled with honey. Because of this you find the darkness sits there, in that corner with its icy dress, killing my children.
© Anwer Ghani

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No this is meeeeeeeee.

Masayane x Brian
Naomi x Brian
Who needs Shipping in Anime anyways?

so where do we post poetry that we made but without battling ?


Naomi x Brian!


Hacked X Spirit
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