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Confuse Your Brain: 5 Tricky Questions And Answers


Out of pure curiosity I decided to challenge myself I'm no scam. Believe it or not but I've seen up to the 12 demention even beyond space and far beyond time I mingle beyond the door of forbidden knowledge and understand the power of the third eye

On to the point I rarely fail to answer any question I come across

So please feel free to ask me a question that baffles your mind (and as a challenge I want to see if I can answer it) if your excuse is Google ask me something beyond Google

(This is not a scam I need not know anything about you it's a challenge to my self)
Also don't ask the meaning of life because I bust restrain myself from the knowledge because upon rendering it I evolve to a new level of exzistance leaving this world and it has to do with the number 3.333333333333 etc very curious but I almost died when I got that far

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"You can only lose what you cling to." - Gautama Buddha

“The Jetavana Temple bells
ring the passing of all things.
Twinned sala trees, white in full flower,
declare the great man's certain fall.
The arrogant do not long endure:
They are like a dream one night in spring.
The bold and brave perish in the end:
They are as dust before the wind.” - Anonymous, The Tale of the Heike

If a plane crashes on the border of The United States and Mexico, where would the survivors be buried?

ans : Nowhere you don't bury survivors

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