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Character Name: Jim Firenze #Rain
Age: 16
Career: Undecided, Trainer
Hometown: Fore City, Kanda


Yamask (No Nickname)
Ability: Mummy
Will - o - Wisp, Ominous Wind, Curse, Shadow Ball

Togetic (No Nickname)
Ability: Super Luck
Fairy Wind, Encore, Ancient Power, Wish

Hypno (Chan)
Ability: Inner Focus
Shadow Sneak, Hex, Sucker Punch, Feint Attack

Haunter (Casper)
Ability: Levitate
Lick, Shadow Punch, Payback, Dream Eater

Duskull (Skully)
Ability: Frisk
Astonish, Pursuit, Curse, Hex

Banette (No Nickname)
Ability: Cursed Body
Charge Beam, Embargo, Will - o - Wisp, Shadow Sneak

Bio: Born and raised in Fore City. My full name is James Aurora Firenze, but I go by the name Rain, given to me because of my naturally blue hair. Having grown up in Fore City, I was mostly exposed to Ghost and Dark pokemon, and thus they are my specialty. I am undecided on what career I want to pursue, but the Fore City gym is in need of a Gym Leader. I am undecided on whether I wish to apply for Gym Leader, or pursue my longing to know of all Pokemon by becoming a professor in Komanse. I suppose my journey will lead me to the right place, but for now I will simply continue as a Pokemon trainer, and set out to explore the Kanda region.

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Name: Lucy Scarlet ( #LucyScarlet )

Age: 14

Gender: female

Hometown: Unova

Style: Trainer/Freestyle Adventurer/Doctor/etc

(Thunder,Nuzzle,Electro Ball, Slam)
(Close Combat, Heal Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed)
(Last Resort, Assurance, Moonlight,Quick Attack)
(Last Resort, Blizzard, Ice Fang,Bite)
(Inferno, Fire Blast, Captivate, Quick Attack)
(Skull Bash, Hyrdro Pump, Aqua Tail, Bite)

Bio: Just an average everyday girl looking for an adventure and whatnot. I do whatever at whenever I guess

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Name: black
Age: 18
Region: Kalos
Pokémon: umbreon ,sableye ,bannet, absoul,
Pumkabo ,gangar
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