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As We Saw Him

Swami Vivekananda (1863 -1902 ) met Sri Ramakrishna in 1881 when he was a college student, and he associated closely with the Master for the next five years. As the foremost disciple of the Master, his life was closely linked with the later part of the Master's life. Swami Vivekananda's reminiscences are thus scattered all over his biography. In 1893 he brought the message of Vedanta to the West, and in 1897 he founded the Ramakrishna Mission.

First meeting with the Ramakrishna

My first visit to Sri Ramakrishna was at the temple garden at Dakshineswar, in his own room. That day I sang two songs.
As soon as I had finished the first song,* the Master stood up, took me by the hand, and led me onto the northern verandah. It was winter, so the open spaces between the pillars were covered with the screens of matting to keep out the north wind; and this meant that, when the door of the room was closed, anyone standing on the verandah was hidden from both inside and outside. As soon as we were on the verandah, the Master closed the door . I thought he must be going to give me some instruction in private. But what he said and did next was something I could never have believed possible. He suddenly caught hold of my hand and began shading tears of joy. He said to me, affectionately as if to a familiar friend: "You've come so late! Was that right? Could not you have guessed how I have been waiting for you? My ears are nearly burned off, listening to the talk of these worldly people. I thought I could burst, not having anyone to tell how I really felt!" He went on like that ---- raving and weeping. And then suddenly he folded his palms together and began addressing me as if I were some divine being: "I know who you are, My Lord. You are Nara, the ancient sage, the incarnation of Narayana. You have come back to earth to take away the sufferings and sorrows of mankind."
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* Let us go back once more, O mind, to our own abode!
Here in this foreign land of earth
Why should we wander aimlessly in stranger's guise?
These living beings round about, and the five elements,
Are strangers to you, all of them; none is your own.
Why do you thus forget yourself,
In love with strangers, O my mind? Why do you thus forget your own?
Ascend the path of truth, O mind! Unflaggingly climb,
With Love as the lamp of light your way.
As your provision for the journey, being with you
The virtues, carefully concealed; for, like two highwaymen,
Greed and delusion wait to rob you of your wealth.
And keep beside you constantly,
As guard to shelter you from harm,
Calmness of mind and self - control.
Companionship with holy men will be for you
A welcome rest house weary limbs awhile, asking your way,
If ever you should be in doubt, of him who watches there.
If anything along the path should frighten you,
Then loudly shout the name of the Lord;
For He is Ruler of the road,
And even Death must bow to him.

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As We Saw Him

Part - 16
Ramlal Cattopadhyay

Sri Ramakrishna's Last Day

I was not present on the last day of Master's life. I was sleeping in his room at Dakshineswar. At two in the morning Senior Gopal and some body else [ Latu ] came from Cossipoor and knocked on my door. They told me: "Swamiji asked us to bring you to Cossipoor immediately. No one present there can ascertain whether the Master is in deep samadhi or has actually given up his body. Swamiji said that since you lived constantly with the Master for so many years, you would be able to judge his condition correctly." I brust into tears and rushed to Cossipoor with them. I saw the Master laying flat on his back. His look was steady, and he seemed to be smiling. I said: "I see sign of samadhi. But I suggested that we call Captain [ Vishwanath Upadhyay ] who is also very knowledgeable." Swamiji immediately sent somebody to call him. When Captain came he also noticed sign of samadhi. He suggested that ghee [ clarified butter ] be rubbed on the Master's backbone. At first the backbone felt slightly warm but gradually it turned cold. Captain realised then that he was mahasamadhi and that the Master had passed away. The Master went into samadhi at one ' o clock in the morning. By noon his face was starting to dry out and eyes gradually closed. I heard that at the last moment the Master had said only "Ma".
( 26 October 1931)

After Sri Ramakrishna's Passing Away

A young Ramait monk [ a worshipper of Ramachandra ] in Ayodhya had a vision that God had again incarnated on earth, somewhere in the east. In order to see him, the monk started on foot eastward from Ayodhya. When he reached Bengal he heard that there was a great saint named Ramakrishna near Calcutta. He finally found Dakshineswar after a long search and asked someone, "Where is the Ramakrishna Paramhansa?" The people of the Kali temple told him that the Master had just passed away a few days before. Hearing this Heartbreaking news, the monk exclaimed: "What! He passed away? I have come from Ayodhya on foot [ nearly a thousand miles ] just to see him. I went through so much hardship to get here and he has left the body!" The young monk began to sob.
The manager of the Kali temple offered him some food from the temple store but he refused it. He went to the Panchvati and stayed two or three days without eating. One night Sri Ramakrishna appeared before him and said: "You have not eaten anything for several days. I have brought this pudding for you please eat it." He fed the monk and disappeared.
The next morning I went to the Panchvati and found the monk full of joy. I asked: "What happened?" You were so unhappy yesterday. Why are you so cheerful today?" Then he told me everything. He even showed me the earthen bowl in which the Master had brought the pudding. [Ramlal preserved that bowl for a long time, but somehow it was destroyed.] ( Udbodhan )

[ From: Sri Ramakrishna O Antaranga Prasanga, by Kamal Krishna Mittra ( Dakshineswar: K. K. Mittra ), 1932; Udbodhan ( Calcutta: Udbodhan Office ), vol. 49, no.10, 1947 ]

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Water can be in liquid form as well as in Solid form as Ice.... God is without shape and can be with shape too... Devotee loves to eat Sugar.. He/she never likes to be sugar.

... Lord Ramakrishna


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A Mother cooks five different stuffs for her five children... Do you know why??? Because the five children have different appetite quality....
The world is the family of Jagadamba... She provides different stuff for different children.. depending on the appetite of imagination and experience earning capacity of them.. Unity is there in the diversity.. we all belong to the same family..

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A plant must be fenced at the beginning... When it gets older, an elephant cannot pull it down even.
In the spiritual life, one must be protected at the beginning. when the mind gets older and rigid.. no external force can knock it down from the path of spirituality.

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