Over the last 48 hours my realtime views have dropped to half of what they usually are. Anyone else having this problem?

Anyone else got really low earnings compared to same time last year? My channel is currently making about $1 per 1000 views, and it was making around 50% more than that same time last year. I know it's supposed to be low at the start of the year, but this is in comparison to same time last year, and it's LOW. And my views are 25% more than last year. What's going on?

I've been hearing from other youtubers that youtube is coming up with some major changes. Does anyone here knows what are they going to change this year or if anybody knows if this is just a rumour?

Analytics stopped updating on the 15th. Everything is stuck now

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I have a educational channel. Last year it was doing good and just before the Christmas eve views and revenue started dropping and today it reached the lowest. I know many people says its a January effect, but now its feb 13 and it is still going down, I am afraid if this situation stays for long, then how will we sustain. 

Has anyone seen a significant drop in realtime views starting with 13 February?
My channel had over 42.000 views realtime on last 48h for quite a while, on 12 february I didn't make my daily video and when i woke up my realtime was showing 39.000 then 38.000, a 4.000 drop overnight?? Also i started having considerable few subscribers starting from 13 February. Yesterday i made 3 videos that brought me 5.000 views until now which should have filled the hole, still now it's down by 37.000

I saw a lot of youtube outage reports from United States. People complain youtube is not working there.

Anyone had the same huge drop overnight?

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Is it this all my earning?? How do I get paid?

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So for a couple hours the sub freeze and getting knocked out of loop seemed to be fixed, and then the same thing and sure enough i go on mobile and see my old URL pop up when I copy link to share.. and of 945 impressions with non skippable ads, I got 13 clicks somehow, It just isnt real at all...and the only people who actually cared and were great support and ansered me were the adwords people... PLEASE HELP HAS BEEN 4 MONTHS

Has any body had a big Drop in youtube Realtime analytics in the past 24 hours?

0 dollars lol
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