Estimated earnings have stopped updating I think on the 12th or 13th.

What's going on with the Analytics? There are some days in December 2018 not showing earnings?

I am unable to speak properly. Can i Use Computer generated Natural Human Voice?

I want to use text to speech natural voice generated voiceover in my videos. Can i use it and can i monetize it on youtube partner program? Please guide me.

Hello everyone! I wish i could just get an answer!
I just created a brand account for my youtube channel, supposedly transferred my content and suddenly everything went crazy! I cant access my channel from the YouTube channel nor the yt studio app, from the desktop version i can see it but can't access analytics!

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So sad that google plus is going away soon 😔
I just noticed a huge drop in watchtime, views and duration, what could've caused this?

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I can't understand this. Suddenly YT removed more than 70% of the November income data. They did that on the last days of January

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whats happening to my earnings ?

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I’ve had (at least 10 of my 11K+ subs) many tell me this didn’t show up in their feed, sub, homepage and bell. This happens about every third video and the likes vs. views have been totally nefarious. I had 70 likes with 280 views within the first hour of posting.
This isn’t an accident, and I’d LOVE someone to explain, analytically, how videos don’t show up in the feed. This isn’t political.....

Hi all,
I wanted to ask if i can get a copyright strike because of the thumbnail that i made putting various pictures together and also some custom text that suits the video. I usually download these images from google image search.

Your YT Earning Increased or Decreased in January 2019?
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