Do you experience some huge drop of realtime views today or it's just me?

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Hello guys, Is anyone know how to show youtube performance on adsense? My adsense account not shown performance from youtube. Please help me!


Where does everybody in here go when Google + is shutting down? Is there another community?

Hello everyone! I just started my own channel about 2 months ago so I'm new in all this YouTube game, all my videos are monetised and everything aas pretty stable until january started, my viewers have dropped by 70-80% and also the revenue.. My subscribers are still increasing but many are complaining that they're not receiving upload notifications, what seems to be the problem? I also noticed a decrease in viewers on my competitors channels as well..

My youtube account got demonetized on December 28, 2018. I'm aware that my earning for the month of December was not yet transferred to my Adsense account prior demonetization. However, I'm still hoping it will transfer before January 15 and get paid on 22nd. Is that still possible?

Estimated earnings haven't been updating in YT Studio since the 4th. Anyone else having this problem?

Copyright Center in Youtube Studio Beta has finally been updated. It's showing WAYYYYY more current matches (previously it only worked for very early videos). Another positive step forward.

January has hit and it's absolutely brutal. I'm currently at a 60% drop in Page RPM from December. I've done YouTube for 7 years now so absolutely know this is normal. Hoping I can pre-empt the "why is my money low" questions.......

Only theoretically (not offering anything):

Would you buy a YT channel that has monetization?
If so - how much would you pay for it?

Anyone suffering sudden CTR drop in adsense? Mine's dropped from 6-7% to 2%. Video views are normal but click is stalled. I hope this is not a long term issue, sigh.
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