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Update for First Meeting:
To everyone who did not come to the first meeting, here is what you missed:
PowerPoint that we showed:
Membership Forms (also available in Lefevre's room in folder on cabinet): Please turn in ASAP!
Officer Form (also available in LeFevre's room) this is a new and improved version of the form. If you filled out the other one it's ok, but this one is WAY better :):
Information Sheet (only on Facebook):
Have a nice day! :D

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Send an email to:
Send a text message with @arts4 to 469-513-4321


Hi I like to eat potatoes (just kidding I don't like potatoes but I like papas fritas)

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Hey guys! Welcome to the Arts4AIDS google+ community! Thanks to everyone for joining this community, we truly appreciate it. Arts4AIDS is a club at SLHS that uses forms of art (music, photography, paintings) to raise money for the AIDS epidemic in Africa. More information about our club is on our website ( If you are interested in joining our club, please contact Clio Sun over google+, facebook, or you can tell her at school. We are open to anyone, even if you do not attend Seven Lakes High School. The club is almost ready, as soon as the paperwork goes through. Thanks so much guys!

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