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Proud to announce that the Drone workshop is ready for signups. Build and fly your own drone safely, with all parts provided to be able to fly line of sight!
Multicopter/Drone Building
Multicopter/Drone Building

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Good Afternoon!!!

I'm Alex, from São Paulo - Brazil, teacher and also part of some groups and projects that aims to bring the hacker culture to the schools and connect schools with the hacker communities.

I started last year an investigation about hacker culture, education and empowerment/emancipation. At moment, something very important to us is better understand the characteristics of hacker culture around the world
and it relation with people and community empowerment/emancipation.
From this we plan to build in community, designs and paths for a hacker education for emancipation/empowerment.

I would like to ask for your help, if possible, sharing your experiences with hacker culture, answering this brief questionnaire we did for this purpose. The link is

Thank you so much for your help!

For those who research this subject or have some interest on it, ping us and let's be in touch!



Hi all, I'm in ballarat for the week from Makerspaces Mackay, hoping to squeeze in a tour of your facility Wed/Thu.

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We have moved! the new space is much larger, with plenty of lighting and room for the biggest projects you can dream up of.
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We are hacking a end of year catchup / Xmas celebration for all members and non members - come along and bring a project you've finished or are proud of and say hello! It will be Wednesday 16th December from 6:30pm.

Hi guys,

I've been living in Ballarat for 3 years now, and I've only just found you!

I've been wanting to build an R2D2 for a couple of years now, and have only really been collecting bits and ideas. But recently I've managed to source a UDOO x86 which I'm planing to use as the brain, vision system manager and who knows what else.

So far, my lack of movement on the project is because I haven't met any like minded folks to bounce ideas off, or to get inspiration from.

I'd love to swing by one weekend and take a look at what you're up to, mainly because I work in Melbourne, and don't have heaps of after hours free time.

Any chance anyone will be about over the next few weekends so I can have a chin wag and get to know you?

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This sounds like a turbocharger spinning up.... Love the motive for this video ("Cause I can")

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Been awhile since my last post on drone stuff I have been building! I've been having too much fun with racing, so my builds have gravitated in that area. I do have a gimbal project ready to wrap up as well.
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Hi folks. I am setting up a small maker space here in China. I visited the Ballarat space some time ago and was impressed. What is the recommended 3-D printer for a small student space? Is there a list of items somewhere or a good resource for setting up a makerspace / hackerspace? Also, what kind of CNC router are you using?
Many thanks
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