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Proud to announce that the Drone workshop is ready for signups. Build and fly your own drone safely, with all parts provided to be able to fly line of sight!

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If anyone is interested in virtual reality we should chat, i'm based right here in Ballarat.

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This was a bit of fun from the other day

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Hi Guys. I'm Rod. I grew up in Hamilton and I have been following you for some time. Yes! you are being watched (evil laugh).
Enjoy reading your tweets and articles. Interesting times in Ballarat! Some recent pictures from CES Asia - big tech conference courtesy of XP-Pen in Shenzhen. Hope to catch you guys soon.
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If you haven't registered yet, then now is the time to get on and be part of the team.

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Coming soon, the next workshop at #bHack. Are you ready?

Hi all,
Good write up in the Courier last Saturday, hope the exposure brings lots of interest.
Cheers Dave M.

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Tiburcio de la Carcova builds a wonderul miniature Galaga cabinet in this four-minute video found by +HACKADAY: laser-cut plywood, custom 3D-printed parts, bespoke aluminium panels and all. You'll be lucky to spot the Pi inside it, but the skill and dedication on display here are astonishing.

Looks like I picked the wrong night to rock up ... Hope all's good in Geelong. Will try again next week ...
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