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A collection of writings by Sorzus Syn, Darth Malgus, Darth Bane, Mother Talzin and Darth Plaguies.

A compilation completed by the one Sith to dominate them all.

A book of power....and the pain that comes with it.

If anyone has any questions about anything in the Starwars Legends timeline that they are curious about I can assure you I will hopefully have a decent answer for you.

I have worked with Wookiepedia and it's chronicling exploits so I would be more than happy to assist with any questions you might possess.

I dispose of any biases, I only answer with facts and official information, so feel free to fire any questions my way.

I can even do "what if" scenarios but in those cases there may be differences in just how I'd answer since those tend to require an opinion to answer.

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Alright so I'm aiming to become more active once again, so hopefully I might deliver some interesting content for you guys and girls in the future.

As stated previously in another post I would be more than happy to chat about any starwars related thing in the correct categories as long as there's reason and rational speech involved.

As the owner I am also further inclining myself to introducing new members and keeping a more attentive eye out for the trolls that frequently sneak into communities all the time.

I also plan for this community to never go unmanaged unless I ever find a dire need to replace it.

Thank you to those who are currently in this community, and I hope to chill with you in the future.

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November, 2017

In this game's campaign I am gone ((or so we think ;p)) in the Disney timeline. So I hope you all will fight till your final breaths to avenge me.

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A traitor to the empire, insurgent of the rebellion and paternity of my final vessel.

"Han Solo's fated moment"

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By now everyone all over the Galaxy has celebrated Christmas, so as a nice send off for the holiday season I give you all this.

Vader can already be into it 'sometimes'.

RIP Carrie Fisher ono she will be missed, one for her role in the amazing franchise we all love and two for the lessons she bestowed upon the world.

May you be forever remembered for the proof that Princesses can save themselves.

Rest In Peace

Carrie Fisher


For the Galactic Empire, I will not fail.

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Announcement: Battlefront EA will be receiving its final DLC update tomorrow in anticipation of the new upcoming movie StarWars: Rogue One

The DLC will be Rogue One: Scarif, and will be adding two new heroes, several new weapons and star cards, patching in many new traits for vanilla heroes and balancing out certain items.

In addition to this the patch will be for both free, offline, and membership players, meaning the patch update will be for you should you not have membership.

Next coming will be EA Battfront II announcements, whether or not this is Legends canon I may still keep you updated on it. ((more to come on this))

May the Darkside guide you on your endeavors, ever fulfilling your ambitions in protecting our superweapon from being found vulnerable.

Good luck to all the players here.
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Don't forget those here who play Battlefront: EA that there is an anniversary 4x experience weekend going on from Thursday yesterday to Sunday, also with this celebration includes a free trial for all of the currently released DLC and that will also last the duration of this event.

Fight. Survive. Repeat till death if need be.
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