Ace Gazette's work continues .   The first Captain rank has been earned by Julexo . His trades are simply masterful consistent and  he now shares regularly . There are trading rooms for selected members by invitation . Come join us

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Please review with care Julexo and Adrian

At this time Ace Gazette has 3 lieutenants 9 gunners more than 50 mates Come join in the journaling and learn to trade Forex successfully  

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If this concept is mastered you are ready to continue forward. If  it is not mastered your trader life span could be shortened dramatically and with haste.

Hi all,
Ace Gazette has been running in Beta form for over five months now, and we’re truly delighted and honoured that our good friends have come with us and stayed, and turned this place into something truly special, attracting novices and master traders alike.
We’ve been watching the growth of both our traders and the site, and have drawn some parallels. Our traders have evolved beautifully and organically, just like the site, but their evolution has been into something far simpler than before, with the benefit of a clearer view of the market, a simpler view, uninterrupted by noise and clutter.
We’ve decided that the site must evolve in just the same way as its members’ trading; clearer, more cohesive, easier to read. We have reformatted the forums into a far more integrated categories, with far fewer threads, bringing people together into trading groups based more on their trading styles than on which pairs they usually trade.
Supply and Demand trading must come back to the front of the stage. We intend to focus more on our main goal: make traders profitable as soon as possible and in a sustainable way. We believe that by applying clear rules and discipline, Ace Gazette members can become successful.
We'll no longer have individual homework rooms. We all will learn in centralized Supply and Demand Threads together and we practice what we learned in new Practice Journal threads. Theory without practice is just a talk as we know. When we can apply the theory in practice successfully then we can say we are on the right path to becoming traders. Details of operating your practice journal is in "Practice Journals" thread sticky. Please read it fully before starting your practice journal.
New forum organization is aimed to streamline learning, encourage our community members to pick up further discipline habits and provide transparency about trader rankings.
Here’s to a bright future for the Pirates of Greed!
The AG team
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