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Here is a tip for quickly seeing all your Wordpress COMMENTS and selecting your Top 5:

1. Log into your Wordpress Account.
2. Go to the ‘Reader’ Tab option in the top blue nav bar
3. On that page choose the link ‘Comments I made’
4. Voila! All your comments you have made will appear.

Pick your Top 5

See the image below for a visual reference.

Genuinely in need of feedback cause I'm stuck for ideas for how to make it better! Cheers!

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Hi, everyone. I am around campus today and tomorrow if you need help submitting your assignment. Feel free to email me for an appointment.

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Comments for comments please :)

Hi Everyone. The assignment asks that you submit two .pdfs of your finished work "Your two finished compositions as two .pdf files named A4.pdf and A8.pdf submitted to Artsweb". Please note that you may also submit one two page .pdf file containing both the A4 and A8 designs. If you choose to do this please call it  A4andA8.pdf

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Hi guys. I would really like some feedback on the work I have done so far. So please leave a comment! I will of course have a look at you work too ;-) 

As many of you are well aware, assignment 2 is due the same day as the media communications exam. We did discuss moving the due date back, however, every alternative date still clashed. Therefore the assignment date has not been moved. I STRONGLY recommend completing your assignment and submitting it early so it does not interfere with your other exams. By the end of this weeks class you should have all the knowledge needed to complete the assignment so you don't have to leave it to the last minute. Good luck and Godspeed. 
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