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little request!!!

Hello everyone,

my daughters (6 and 8 yrs) ---- young RESISTANCE agents need YOUR HELP .... not with Ingress but to win the Ravensbuger GraviTrax Challenge.

I know it's not ingress-related but I trust in the RESISTANCE cohesion all over the world

It would be really really great, if you could like our video on youtube
"Crossing - ganz schön knapp"!

With your help they can win a special edition GraviTrax package with 1000 pieces.

link to our video:

"Viva la resistance" and THANK YOU everyone

Greets from Germany

Kerstin aka kermiieee

admins... if not allowed just delete this post

ps: been on my honeymoon in Ontario...greater Toronto Area and hope to come back in the near future to play some ingress! :)

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Requesting access.

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We're hosting a Mission Day in Saratoga Springs, New York Saturday March 3rd.

I'm an agent from Pakistan with keys to share. Was supposed to drop them off in Calgary to be sent out to possibly middle East area.

Anyone I can meet up with in downtown to drop keys off? I leave in the evening today.

Im about to become a level 10 resistance agent, I was wondering is there any rituals you guys usually do before reaching that milestone?

I wonder if any of you guys did anything remarkable or specific when reaching your goal?

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ADA. I am now officially on the path to saving millions of mind units from enslavement and the harsh doctrines of the enlightened.

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I am agent jonleviathan. Requesting security clearance!

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