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Hello GreekLifers Offer of this month full region 30 k prims only 10 euro per month and var region 512x512
80 k prims only 20 euro dont miss this offer
best Regards
GreekLife team !!!!!


Tday i get this message from one guy from opensimworld

Kubwa 3 hours ago
Brainless greek people, all european knows them :P Taking our money and give nothing back... Looks like you are assholes in OpenSim too.

GreekLife take out all grid regions from rciest opensimworld forum,GreekLife no need any like this forum the greeklife are the best and stay best grid on opensim bye bye opensimworld and hyper grid visitor

tomorrow GreekLife will upgrade is new Dedicated Servers
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770
Speed: 8 Cores x 3.4 GHz 64 GB
(at 1 Gbit/s port) for the spesial times at GreekLife Grid Club!!!
For that GreekLife Need about 3-4 hours to update from 10 am to 2-3 pm GR TIME Thank you !!!!

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Tonight we have the pleasure of having Alex Santana , sing for you . he will be singing Classic Rock and some blues.You are all invited to come and have fun at Vendo Club dont miss this 2pm sl time and 14.00 pdt

Maintenance done !!!!! GreekLife is open

today GreekLife Grid Cl;ub Maintenance servers for about 5 hours

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New Region Ready
Vento Casino & Summer Club
Everyone is welcome to relax on the sun kissed beach or take a cool swim in the glowing blue sea. Bring your loved ones or friends along and enjoy our fantastic casino with Blackjack Glingo Lucky seven and more. Explore the beautiful sites, dance in the summer club located over the sea. or take a small rest on our couples couch and watch the moon light . Wine and dine that someone special here at Vento .
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Alex Santana Live from australia dont miss this

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