A few suggestions.
1) See and add comments on a order
2) Edit stock qty of products
3) Compare sales between different days/weeks/months/years

Other than that.. Thanks for a fantastic app! :)

Hi Guys,

As per the review I left on the Play Store app - it would be perfect for us if we could filter via 'Store View'. We have Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller and Our Website Orders all coming through Magento, but all in different Store Views.

So to filter/choose which store view to use in the app would be perfect for us! Hope this can be implemented in a similar fashion to how we can currently select which 'website' to use.


I know it's not easy to add new functionalities, but it will be great if we can update stock qty directly from Android app.



App installed easily and the only issue I am having is the ability to print/download invoices. The downloaded PDF opens up in internet and just says the app name and version. When I click print it just resets the app. Any suggestions?

Credit memo feature would improve order management process.

Hello and thanks for all of your dev,
I would like to know if there is any way to print order option on thermal receip.
Thank you

Hello Team,
First of all, thanks for developing such a great app for hassle free sales reporting.

I want to know: Is there any plan to add simple product with some custom attributes via app as its very good feature to have it because every product has to be provided with images & mobile apps are good in that.

Is it possible to see comments and all order statuses. We use few others not on the list.. Comments very important as order notes and communication tool with customers.. Because we work on pre-order basis and via comment allowing order customizations

@Rubén Vaquerizo

Hello Rubén,

I can see the post below in the group. If you have some inconveniences connecting Mobile Assistant to your Magento store, please contact our Support Team via email mobile@emagicone.com, provide us QR code to Mobile Assistant Connector and FTP access details.
Our tech engineers will check your case and get back to you with the results afterwards.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Do you plan to make it possible to connect with Product manager plugin (without installing extra plugin only for mobile app)
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