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Profile Template (PLEEEASE COMPLETE!)

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¿Que dimension es el mundo astral? Porque no enseñarón nunca esas dimensiones.
El misterio de nuestra conexión con otras dimensiones en las horas del sueño.
¿que actividades podemos hacer en la noche mientras nuestro cuerpo duerme?

naka looks down at the city below him a sad smile on his face begins again... he turns and looks behind him ..hello friend....

Profile Template (PLEEEASE COMPLETE!)
Name: naka merata
Gender: male
Age: 15 (what he looks like in human but he actually 5000)
Species: dragon, wolf, human, neko
Appearance: pic
Job/Rank/Status: he just wanders looking for a reason to be here
Likes: cookies, icecream, his friends, flying, and being with the people he loves
Dislikes:his past, people who mess with his friends
Personality happy and helpful always ready to help yet he is also dark and usally feels like he's unwanted
Bio: he lived in a city called matika but it was destroyed by the dragons of chaos he now roams the world looking for a reason to exist
( +Tora Bright
How's that?) 

+Sophia Tierney  This is your pack.... As you are the alpha,  it hasn't got a name yet. I'll change the name as soon as I know what you want it to be called :3
P.s. Make a profile?

Name: Alexis Morwaen
Gender: Female
Age: 16 
Species: Hunter (Half-elf) 
Appearance: Short, rough-cut hair, stormy eyes, tall, slightly sharp features
Job/Rank/Status: Guard of the west gate at Laeren (Kind of stops everybody killing each other)
Personality: Quite cold, loyal, fierce, rebellious.

Hello, wanderers from afar! Welcome to Grim Xythil, a place that is neither a country, a city, a world or a town. It just exists. 
Please make a profile; this is a weird place, so you can be anything, be it a vampire, a demon, a human, a hunter or whatever. Just no godmodding. I hate those. And try to keep hentai out. 
Have fun peoples! ~The one supposedly in charge
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