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I don't know what this is but I'm intrigued

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Okay lookie here you asshole. I thought the fight would fix everything. Just look here. Max gave me his most precious items. That's one sign someone is going to attempt. As well as that, he's saying how he loves everyone. SO BITCH IM ABOUT TO KILL YOUR ASS TOMORROW IF HES DEAD OR IN A HOSPITAL. I DONT EVEN CARE IF I GO TO JAIL AT THIS POINT.

Why was I invited to this😂? Who is max and what did he do?

Can you fucking stop already? You literally asked him out like 2 days ago and now youre making a group begging for him to kill himself? Fuck off.


Ok, so I dont know much about this person except that I was invited to a community where she was telling max to kill himself.. I don't even know her and already don't like her. Can someone tell me what else she's done aside from being rude to max and jade?

Suicide is not worth it Max, trust me if you are reading this.

I have thought about it and it's not worth it. If you attempt it then think of everyone who will miss you. Please if not for us then Jade. Don't do it. Please.
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