Revival Call!!! Which undeads are in the community tonight?

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Name: Residence of Raven Oaks - New Neighbors //Raven Oaks in general//

Alias (Optional): Raven Oaks - The Friendliest Neighborhood in America

Age: Multiple entities featuring beings of many ages, though it has been 29 years since the death of all of the "neighbors", excluding those who have died in the facility after the incident due to these entities.

Gender: Multiple Entities featuring beings of both genders.

Appearance: Raven Oaks was a lovely neighborhood. The nicest in the entire town and won a state award at one point for the beauty and maintenance that went into every lawn and hedge, as well as the well organized houses that gave a great feeling of placement and care. Many of the ghosts are trapped in the time they passed, which is in the late 1980's, but since then, multiple deaths have added new members to the community with more modern clothing, though it stops in 1999 when the neighborhood was demolished to make room for the large Raven Oaks Apartments complex that took a little over a decade to build, due to countless accidents and malfunctioning equipment. Once completed, anyone from the outside would see it as a marvelous piece of architecture, with many natural elements, including grassy balconies and water effects. If one were to explore inside, if you were to stray from your given path or from places where workers might assist you, you might find that you will lose your way in this maze of rooms. If you are lucky, maybe you could add your own fashion sense to the roster of residents in Raven Oaks Apartments.

Personality: While each person in the apartments have their own personality, they have a twisted happiness that makes them out to be on the edge between normal and uncanny.

Backstory/Bio: In 1988, a decade after the Jonestown event, a splinter group of their extremist thinkers permeated surrounding regions, many being diluted or converting to a... more logical frame of mind. However, there was one small coupe that moved into the pristine and naive neighborhood of Raven Oaks. It took years, but slowly, the entire town had his mindset. In celebration of the grand scheme he had missed a decade prior, he used his time wisely and used his influence to make a similar stir in the community till everyone was waiting and read to join.

Preferred Killing Technique: Causes Suicidal Depression in victims leading to suicide.

Saying/Quote (Optional): Howdy, Neighbor. It's nice to be here, and I hope we'll get along splendidly.

Powers (Optional): The curse of Raven Oaks extends over the town, but more specifically to areas that residents frequent or frequented in their life. They sap joy from those that live in the apartments, and only the most joyous people would be suitable for such a life.
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