October sheets are up and ready over at the #MagicSpreadsheet. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to drop a comment on this post and tag me so I know to come look.

Good luck with your writing!

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Hi everyone!
I'm new and would love to join the (it-really-is-magic) spreadsheet. Can I simply add my name tot the September tab?? I'm a bit confused by the message at the bottom. Something about a Stone program?
Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to amassing those points!


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The #SeptemberSheets are live. Sorry for the delay. Good luck with your writing this month.

As always, if you encounter any difficulties, please post a comment on the post and tag me so I can come and fix it. Please don't try to fix it yourself. And please don't edit anything but the cells your daily word count goes in.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Hi everyone. #AugustSheet is up. Have a great month writing!

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Hi everyone. The #JulySheet is up and ready for use.

For the observant, you'll have noticed that I said 'sheet' not sheets, that's because everyone who hasn't posted for three months has been dropped off the sheet. If you were one of those, don't worry, you can either start fresh by adding your name to the bottom of the sheet, or contact me with your name, the sheet, and the row numbers, and I'll hook you up in the new sheet with all your old data.

This was done because trouble-shooting twelve different sheets and transferring the data from all those sheets every month was getting to be too big a job especially as 90% of those people weren't active. Also, we've been knocking up against the limits of the Google doc for about half a year now.

If you have any questions or any problems, don't hesitate to drop a comment on this post and mention me so I get a notification.

And, as always, good luck with your writing.

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Hi everyone. The #JuneSheets are up and ready to roll.

Just a quick reminder, the #MagicSpreadsheet is NOT a wiki. Please don't edit anything other than the white cells that you're putting your numbers into. Also, if you accidentally bollocks something up, comment on this post and tag me so that I can go and fix it before a dozen other people have put their numbers in.

Thank you.

Here's hoping you all have really productive months.

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Hi everyone. Sorry for the long delay in getting the #MaySheets up. They're now ready to go. As always, if you have any questions, spot any problems, or just want to say hi, you can post it here. Don't forget to name drop me though so I know to come see your comment. Have a great month.

Will this still be updated? I appreciate the idea of the Magic Spreadsheet. Or should I say "I would appreciate the idea"?

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