To create the curved walls suggested in the last meeting, maybe we could suspend fabric, and even cut shapes/patterns out of it to create a gobo effect

I've been thinking for a while how cool it would be to 3D print your own custom gobos/props/model-boxes etc. Its not a revolutionary idea but maybe if I end up getting a 3D printer this year it could be an interactive part of showcase where the audience designs/chooses something small for the printer to make.

So I was thinking... what if we each were in charge of our own part of the showcase performance. A bit like intermedial but instead we have the whole room as our medium. We use our section to express and show off our passion or career path. And can use all the elements of a production to express it. So say one person has 1 min to express why they want be a stage manager, one person has 1 min to express their love of props, another stage manager shows what it feels like to call a show. It can even be 1 min each to express who we are as a production artist. I was thinking it could be a 12 min performance before the awards and formalities for the year.

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Hey fam,

So a while ago I found this image of projection mapping on a dress. I thought it would be could if we all wore white to showcase. Then at the end of the night we would stand together in a line and we have some sort of projection light up our white clothes with something like "Presenting the graduating class of 2018" written across us. I know last year they tried very hard to all look like a cohort. I thought this would be a good way to make us look like a collective and team, which we are. Plus there's symbolism behind the white clothes, other than it being a good projection surface. Because we always wear black, it can represent us coming out of the shadows of the theatre curtains for a night to showcase ourselves. Dressing in white will also help distinguish us from everyone else at the drinks afterwards so guests will know exactly who the graduating class are. Plus its a great way the incorporate costuming into our showcase.
Let me know what you think :)
Here's the link to image below of the projection mapping on the dress.
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Got an Idea.

So it was mentioned in the meeting today that Tony hates prompt copies on tables. What if we made a virtual prompt copy for the audience to flick through instead? we could present it on the wall or on a podium or something. Could be a cool way of changing it up a bit. Maybe we could present a few different kinds of prompt copies too. Just a thought :)
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