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Ahead of the last Comelec-sanctioned presidential debate, Rappler brings the #PHVote Challenge in the vote-rich province in Pangasinan.

MovePH holds a citizen journalism with students from the University of Pangasinan

#PangasinanMover #CitizenJournalism
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Hi Rappler Netizens - It seems that there is a developing story which could threaten the BPO industry. From all accounts - One of the 2 largest Telcos here in The Philippines is completely down for large parts of Metro Manila. I would bet that there are some BPO call centers who will go out of business because of this outage since they will not be able to service their customers - particularly if their building is (like most) only allowed to have one ISP (Internet Service Provider). I would REALLY appreciate if the Rappler Community could try to find out the Real Story since the Telco in question has made no notification as to what happened to cause such a large outage - nor has it noted any timeline for when it will be fixed. Given the recent passage of the RA regarding ending the Duopoly (or at least allowing them to compete head to head in all buildings (no lockouts) and the fact that this could hurt The Philippines in generatl if it becomes widely known that there is no way to be truly redundant when only 2 providers effectively control the entire internet.

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Do you like the Yellow Taxi service upon arrival at NAIA?  If not what are your suggestions to improve it?
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I like the Yellow Taxi Service
I do NOT like the Yellow Taxi Service

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