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The holidays are coming and a contest is coming near!
This contest is about you getting ready for the holidays. Here is how it works:
Draw any of your oc and be cristmas style
No stolen oc
No Nsfw
Be nice
Have fun!
1st. Shoutout and 2 drawings by me
2nd: Shoutout and 1 drawing
3rd: Shoutout
Runner ups: Shoutouts

It's coming near to christmas and I want to know what you guys are getting tell me. I'm getting the xbox one 

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Here, have some possible character designs for a webcomic I'm thinking about doing. 
this counts as an oc right? I mean... It is an original character so hhh

ignore how incredibly messy the paper is 
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in order
Lilly Marsh, Storm (ponsona), Strawberry Tart, Cinnamon Sticks, Spring Leaf

Yey :3
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