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NAME: Lionel Starton Veer


BIRTHDATE: 4th March 2005


APPEARANCE: Jet black messy eyes, pale-brown skinned, big eyes as black as the abyss, eye-bags, thin body, medium height, light body

CHARACTER: Speaks sarcasm, insomniac, moody, kind, casual, smart, funny

FATAL FLAW: fear of insects, too loyal

ALIAS(S): Leon

FAMILY: Father: Chaos; Mother: Jenna Veer, Grandmother: Athena, Grandfather: Ronald Veer, Great-grandfather: Ares, Siblings: From Chaos Cabin

BREED: Demigod

POWERS: Gravitational powers, the power to create small stuff out off dark matter (wastes my energy though) , can live in space , can transform into an owl, can transform into a wolf, can give and absorb pain, creates blackholes

BLESSINGS: Hephaestus blessed me to have fire on my side

WEAPONS: The Ruby Stone (Turns into a sword or electric spear), Teleportation gun

BIOLOGY: Bionic arm (as of 1 October 2017)


NOTES: Destroyer of Tartarus

Name :Sora
Godly Parent: Poseidon and Hades
Half Sibling: Percy Jackson, Tyson,and Frank
Half Cousin: Nico and Hazel
Powers: water, Summon water sprites and go invisible
hair color: Blue
eye color: Green
Background: He grew up in a apartment with his step mother who had a drinking problem. But somehow he can talk to horse and summon water. One day a bully pushed Sora into a river and he couldn't swim but somehow he survived but comes back with rage and blow the bully away realizing that he has to go to Camp-Half-Blood and lived with his three brothers. Percy Jackson, Tyson and Frank

Name :Nya Foes
Godly parents:Poseidon, birthdad
Half sibling:of Percy Jackson
Hair color:brown
Eye color: green
Back ground,On day Nya and her family went to the beach (Percy and sally).They were having a good time ,but then a horrible storm hit from above.They all ran to there vehicle,but Nya got behind her brother ran to gat here ,but it was to late she was pushed into the sea and was never seen again(by her family).A few days later she was spotted by the wind god of the south ,Notus.He took her to his home ,but after that he soon realized she was not a mortal.So, he took her power and memories away ,but forgot on a glimpse of her brothers eyes.He gave her his powers and raised her as his own.He keeper her for 5 years ,but soon notice more and more monsters came everyday so he did what he had to do.He gave her to a different (mortal)family the Foes.

Name:Adreline Talibek

Powers: Excellent strategist, which has served her well as a huntress

Godly parent: Athena, but is a hunter of Artemis

Godly parent:HADES
POWERS:Can shadowtravel summon ghost and spirits
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
BACK GROUND: She grew up in the streets and after her mother and father died in a car accident and had no choose but to go into a foster home but it didn't last long because she could see ghost and spirits while the immortals could not. She was claimed by hades in a dream and he told her that she would make a fine daughter of Hades and also told her that she would meet Nico de ANGELO. And Nico DE ANGELO found her in the streets and took her too camp half by traveling and she loves it there and she has a good bond with Hades and she is currently working on her relationship with Nico de ANGELO.

Name: Amy Wang

Powers: never loses a fight and can control boars.

Godly Parent: Ares

Name: Ariel Jackson
Powers: Water Powers (exactly like my brother Percy), Ability to be invisible, immune to Charm Speak
Godly Parent: Poseidon




Godly parent: (You can be a mortal too if you want.)

Name: Piper Mclean.

Powers: can charmspeak very powerfully.

Godly Parent: Aphrodite.
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