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I am proud to say that we have been doing butterfly therapy for all disabilities and mental health issues for 2 years and counting, Zion Zachary Adams-Black Zion Zachary Adams has founded this amazing therapy that takes kids teens from a special needs classroom to a regular classroom where they're getting A's and B's. But it varies for every individual and yes it works with adults too.
For more information please visit our website at: and also visit our other website at:

Zion Z.

Thank you for inviting me to this community!

My company does everything from Massage to Holistic Nutrition to web Design, search engines, social media sites, also maintaining website and Logos. We have on beat prices for everybody to enjoy your website and maybe have one of their own.

For NOW ON if you want to see what i am saying or doing please add me on facebook sice i do not have a big friends list on here i will ONLY post things on facebook intil i get more ppl on here. thanks and see you all on facebook at:
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and like always look up my websites at:

thanks again
Zion Zachary.
Owner & Founder

there are new articles in the 'Articles' TAB on our websites please e-mail me for any info you may need. thank you

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