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We upgraded servers and changed few settings.
We don't notice lag caused in the server as earlier.

Can you guys confirm.


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Will it be a feed for TSN trade deadline today? Would be awesome.

I have a lot of buffering, in most games. My connection is great but still lag. Is it because I live in Europe? Great app otherwise.

Any update on Caststreams for Amazon Firestick?

You should expand into other sports like mlb awesome support

I had to reset my android box and reinstalled the app. Now when starting it just hangs at loading screen.

Went looking for different apk' s and found one that goes to the login screen at least. But soon as I enter the info get a cast stream has crashed pop up.

Tried clearing cache and reinstalling many times. Still same issues. Is there a reason why or different apk I can try?

Any idea how to watch Caststreams on my LG Oled TV? Or is Chromecast the only way?

TONS of buffering on the Blackhawks home 720 stream tonight and its not my Chromecast this time. Are you really gonna make me watch TSN? :(

I have been having problems with the games not updating to current unless i unplug my box and plug it back in again. Is caststreams an actual app or did i download it wrong and that be why it wont update daily. I had to download the apk file and install it that way. Otherwise i cant figure out why it wont update. I cleaned the cache on the box and tried signing out and back in again. Does not make a difference. Any help would be appreciated!!
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