Super slow for all four feeds, VPN on or not. Loads in four second increments.
Had to find a YouTube feed. Works perfectly.
This is a first for CastStreams; it's been my go-to.

Still no fix for the Shield? I was told it was going to be updated and fixed by the playoffs. This is unfortunate as I paid for the upgraded home games. Hopefully something is fixed soon. Thanks.

The St. Louis/Nashville game is starting soon and it's not on the app yet. :S

Trying to watch the penguins capitals game and it keeps freezing and then jumping and freezing and then going to a black screen. I've tried all three streams even the donor ones. Is there an outage? Or is the system down? Am ok doing something wrong?

Anyone have any luck using this with a apple product? Also the APK doesn't seem to work on fire tv either. Any tips would be appreciated. 

I can't access the APK file on Google drive. Any help?

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NHL had changed their encryption.
So our system broke.
We just found a temporary solution, the games are live now.

Hopefully by this week we will find way to stream all the games.
Till then we will do few games per day.


The new version of the app is available now at

Please note we have changed the video format to HLS for a better playback.
We recommend VLC or MX player.

Our older apps will not work anymore as HLS is not supported.

Let us know your feedback.


Since loading the update to the app I'm unable to get any of the games to play. I keep getting the same message , Sorry this stream is not online yet, try again in a few minutes. I've tried several different ways to get the games to play but all attempts have failed. 

Getting an SSL handshake error when trying to reset password. 

There is no games for world cup of hockey 
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