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We upgraded servers and changed few settings.
We don't notice lag caused in the server as earlier.

Can you guys confirm.


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Why do both the away for donors and the home feeds come from the Toronto network for the Bruins at Leafs tonight?

Does it matter if my login email is different from the PayPal email I used to donate? How long until I get the sponsored feeds? Thanks!

Seems like all 3 english streams for tonights NJD MTL game are home feeds. No Devils feeds.

I'll let it sling this time, but if I had to listen to the Rangers or Flyers announcers I'd burn this page down ;)

can't get the Bruins home feed for Columbus at Boston? What's going on?

Will it be a feed for TSN trade deadline today? Would be awesome.

I have a lot of buffering, in most games. My connection is great but still lag. Is it because I live in Europe? Great app otherwise.

Any update on Caststreams for Amazon Firestick?

You should expand into other sports like mlb awesome support
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