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The earthworks on this project farm are nearly done, 60 trees and 40 support species will be planted out Spring 2017. KIT for the Updates https://youtu.be/5MT4Q235r-E
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Recetas de Cocina, Indice, Recetas de Permacultura, recetas de comida saludable, que comer, recetas de permacultura, comidas, comprar cocina solar
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William Rivera

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And they are turning the Dakota Access protests into a worldwide environmental movement.
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True heroes!
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Yuri Smirnov

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Hurray!!! A whole lot of heirloom seeds from Russian Kins domains and organic gardeners has just arrived! Busy sorting them out, labeling etc... Please browse and make an order here: http://ecominded.net/heirloom-seeds.html
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I Bmac

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My wifes family and I have invested everything we have into 4 acres of land, and have been working tirelessly for the past 4 years to grow the farm. We are currently living in a 12x16 solar powered cabin I've built. Electrician by trade, Im working fulltime installing solar at my job, which does...
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abel n

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Dale Modisette

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This is for all those who want to live sustainable & or help others no matter their lot in life.
Here I did some of the research of the last few years; designing a sustainable village (a village is a maximum of 144 people). Also a town aka a township is 36 square miles (93.2396 sq km). The a village/town can be sustainable up is 80% with the other 20% coming as raw materials, like salt, iron, copper and etc.

Note 1:
1.9 acre per person living in a sustainable village

- 0.6250 acre of farmland/person or 0.20833 acre of farmland/person
- 0.0892 acre of farmland to be sold/person
- 0.2321 acre of living area/person
- 0.0214 acre of wine vineyards/person
- 0.0714 acre of ponds/person
- 0.0214 acre of coffee/person
- 0.0071 acre of teas/person
- 0.0142 acre of herbs/person
- 0.1428 acre of schools/person
- 0.2142 acre of park & wildlife/person
- 0.1428 acre of village square/person
- 0.1785 acre of livestock/person
- 0.1392 acre of roads & ect/person

Land breakdown:
100 acres for farming (87.5 acres to feed the village and 12.5 acres of crops to be sold to outside village/towns)
32.5 acres homes (25 homes consist of families of 4 people each and 40 homes of single people)
3 acres for wine Vineyards (2 acres for village and 1 acre to outside village/towns)
10 acres for ponds /2
3 acres for coffee
1 acre for teas
2 acres for herbs
20 acres schools
30 acres for park & wildlife
20 acres for village square
25 acres livestock
19.5acres roads & ect
Total of 266 acres

The village consist of 140 people (90 adult and 50 kids) 35.71% kids under the age 12.

Note 2:
With about 52 different jobs and at min. of 3 people doing each job, that's 156 people and it 35% of the people in the village. Then that means we need 78 children under the age of 12 years of age. With a total of 234 people and 444.6 acres for the village.
01.) Butcher
02.) Bakery
03.) Produce
04.) Fish market
05.) General Store
06.) Cloth Store aka Drapers (where you bought materials for making clothing, important in an age when a lot of people still made their own clothes)
07.) Shoemaker
08.) Dressmaker
09.) Tailors
10.) Jeweller
11.) Ironmonger (sellers of tools, kitchen implements, gardening implements etc)
12.) Sweet Shops
13.) Bookshops
14.) Toy Shops
15.) Stationers (sellers of writing paper, envelopes, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc etc - these would be important in the days when most people wrote a lot of letters)
16.) Chemists (pharmacies).

It all came about after a project I worked on to design a green subdivision with many others. I thought I could do more and started gathering info. That was when G+ was still invite only. A village is a 50 million dollar undertaken. Then broke it down to a what I call Dartanyan's Restaurant & Farm but again that was 5 million dollar undertaken. So I decided trying a homeless shelter with my knowledge.
By using a mix of permaculture and aquaponics which in turn use 90% less water to grow food and a minimum of twice as fast :

* Reduces Labor by 75%
* Reuses 95% of the water
* Low Electricity Need (use solar to stay off the grid)
* Faster Vegetable
* Longer Shelf Life
* Organic Mineral Rich
* Produces Its own Fertilizer
* Non-Contaminated Fish
* Use of Tiger Shrimp &/or Crawfish to clean algae
* Uses of the Bacteria and fecal matter are collected to make Methane in place of natural gas &/or Decomposed solids to worm bin which turn is used to make Compost Tea is brewed from worm casting and water. The tea can be used for Fruit Orchard to increase Microbial Content in the soil.

The Helpful Garden
Budget : $500,000

1.) Land : 3+ acres (Budget $25,000.00 or less)
2.) Tiny Homes: 9 to 13 (12 x 18) 216 sq ft [on ½ acre] (Budget $156,000.00 or less)
3.) Intake Office: 600 Sq ft (Budget $25,000.00 or less)
4.) Farmers Market: ½ acre (Budget $45,000.00 or less)
5.) Parking Lot: ¼ acre (Budget $5,000.00)
6.) Aquaponics and Permaculture Farm: 1 ¾ acres (Budget $109,000.00 or more)

a.) Up to 3 different fish
b.) Tiger shrimp
c.) Crayfish
d.) 3 different apple and pears trees so [to have them throughout the year]
e.) Citrus trees like lemons, oranges and 2 two others.
f.) Chickens (meat and eggs)
g.) Goats (milk and cheese)
h.) Honey Bees 4 to 6 hives
i.) 2 fig trees (maybe)
j.) Freshwater mussels (maybe)
k.) Rabbits (maybe)

Powered : [Total Budget $135,000.00]

1.) Solar (Budget $90,000)
a.) Tiny Homes 13 set of 4 - 250 watt cell with light sensors (52 solar cells) cost between $27,287.00 and $36,387.00
b.) Aquaponics System - (?)
c.) Intake Office - set of 6 - 250 watt cell with light sensors
(cost between $3,148.50 and $4,198.50)
d.) Farmers Market - (?)

2.) Wind Power - (Budget $45,000)
a.) Windmill electric generator 15 to 30 KW cost between $18,000 - $48,000

Just some working notes:

Payroll for security : $3,900/wk $16,900/mo $202,800/yr
3 full time: ($24/hr) $2,880/wk $12,480/mo $149,760/yr
4 part time: 17 hour work week ($15/hr) $1,020/wk $4,420/mo $/yr

Payroll for gardeners : same as security

Volunteers : 36 (though it's like $6/hr to help pay for their gas and child care if needed).
$4,320/wk $18,720/mo $224,640/yr

Total payroll : $427,440/yr

Money needed for sheltered women: $144,000/yr or $12,000/each allotted to each tiny home (12)
Money of the other 60% profit equals $270,000

$450,000 plus payroll equals $958,769.04
Needed $263.34/hr@70/hr@52/wk=$958,769.04

235,000lbs vegetables
@$0.5/lb=$32.28/hr or 64.56lbs/hr or 645.5lbs/day

30,000 lbs fish/crayfish/shrimp
@ $3/lbs = $247.251/day or $90,000.00/yr

These are all low ball figures
$174,720 online sales per year
$117,500 vegetable sale per year
$90,000.00 meat sales per year
$500 honey sales per year

At point soda sales per year

Snack & hot food sale per year

Cloths & wares sales per year

Frozen food sales per year

Canning goods sales per year

Dairy/cheese sales per year

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Some other Ideas :
Nonprofit Restaurant & Farm; to help feed as well as teach the future


A sustainable community that can house 81 people (50 adults and 31 kids) that in part will have the farm to feed them all as well as provide all the food needed for a nonprofit restaurant. Also a farm that feed the people as well provides of the stock for a nonprofit clothing store. Here is a bit of what say todate and that is it would take a 40.5 acres to feed them all, about 15 acres to house them; but one of the harder things is determining the amount of land need to support the restaurant year round. I also know this type of living is not for everyone but I have to try.

I'd love to hear all of your thought on this.

The communities will be for those that have nowhere else to go and the homes in the communities can only pass one of two ways. One the family member want stay and work the farm or if not then new family will be moved in to take that family's place. Also the nonprofit restaurant or clothing store buy a min. of 80% of all their stock from them. So is to provide an income to those living in the communities. Another thing the pay scale for the restaurant will work like this :

Waitstaff : $15/hr
Kitchen staff : $17/hr
Head cook/Chief $20/hr
Bartender $15/hr
Manager $20/hr

There two reason for this pay scale:

1.) It's non profit(a true non profit)
2.) I want people that work there to get paid a living wage and at these wages they can hire better people.
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Pascal Depienne

Discussion  - 
Venez apprendre et faire avec nous, voici le programme de la belle saison!!
Journée portes ouvertes le 29 mai et soirée festive!
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Venez construire avec nous les locaux officiels des terre-pailleux, un espace collectif et accueillant, tout en terre-paille !!! Au programme : (...)
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Yuri Smirnov

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For organic gardeners! Heirloom Seeds Spring massive Sale: 50 % off ! http://ecominded.net/heirloom-seeds.html
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About this community

A community for the people dedicated to using the design principals of Permaculture to make the world a better place.

Gavin Mounsey

Discussion  - 
I know you guys here in the Permaculture community have probably been exposed to most of the information in this article already, and are fully educated and aware of the potential dangers of transgenic organisms.. but I thought I would share my article here just in case any of my fellow earth lovers could benefit from the in depth research I did on the subject.

As someone who grew up on a farm in BC, Canada, then trying my own hand at farming as an adult and then watching as the shift happened where people abandoned conventional farming methods and switched to GE agricultural methods, I felt I owed it to my self and to my fellow farmers to do some real research into the new science of Gene Splicing and rDNA technology, here is what I found.

In my article I will be exploring the story of The Biotech Industry’s Irresponsible venture into rDNA technology and the exponentially more irresponsible and dangerous decision to subvert science, the law and government. In the following material I will be explaining how they did this in order to push the novel organisms that were the product of that inherently imprecise and hazardous technology onto the market in products intended for human consumption...
The Story of GE Agriculture: Traversing the Transgenic Travesty In my article I will be exploring the story of The Biotech Industry’s Irresponsible… - Gavin Mounsey - Google+
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Display of Bonsai trees at the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama, Tokyo, Japan

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Pascal Depienne

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Le Camptier 2016 est terminé... waow! UN grand merci et un grand bravo aux terre-pailleux!
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Construction naturelle, Permaculture et Autogestion L'association Terre Paille et Compagnie organise chaque année un Camptier, mot valise entre camp et chantier. N'hésitez pas à venir découvrir une autre approche de la construction, voire une autre approche de la vie, la permaculture.
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abel n

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Pascal Depienne

Discussion  - 
Une Véranda permacole en fenêtres de récup’ (double vitra et oui !) vient compléter le design de la maison bioclimatique : inter-saisons ensoleillées et agrumes et tomates assurées !!
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Une Véranda permacole en fenêtres de récup' (double vitra et oui !) vient compléter le design de la maison bioclimatique : inter-saisons ensoleillées et agrumes et tomates assurées !!
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JT Bear

Discussion  - 
Trying to turn lawn into garden isn't quite as easy as I thought ...
Little by little it's getting done though! Care to take a look at this weeks garden tour and give me a few ideas for how to improve what I've got growin' on? Always love the advice from the greater gardening community!
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sorry, you re right, I wrote 'remove 30%' and then 'keep 60%'. Apologies.
But you get the idea, removing about a third of the fruits should be ok!
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Yuri Smirnov

Discussion  - 
Comparison of different modifications of Russian flat-cutters (ploskorez Fokina) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27pCpzpD-IU
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