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With the shutdown of G+ looming we're moving to MeWe. Come and join us on the new platform.

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The basic idea here is the socio-economic-political system is structured such that the only possible output is neofeudalism. In other words, neofeudalism isn't a flaw in the system that can be changed with policy tweaks or electing a new president or PM-- it's the result of the system working as designed.

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The state makes the laws and regulations; the market does not. The state enforces them; the market does not.. The state ultimately decides how the laws and regulations apply in specific cases; the market does not. The state actively forbids the market from being responsible for such things, and imposes an unavoidable cost for the services it chooses to provide in any case, making competition uneconomic.

The state creates artificial monopolies and cartels: Patents, copyrights, banking, professional licensing and "utility" services. The state grants artificial immunity to corporations, corporate shareholders, polluters and agents of the state itself.

Therefore, the state is responsible for the society in which we live; the market is not.

If your service provider is a monopoly, and doesn't provide you the services you want the way you want them -- but you insist that the fact it's a monopoly is necessary and just, and oppose getting rid of the monopoly -- then you have no logical basis for complaint:

Monopolies always provide poor service; it's inherent to being a monopoly. So you must either accept the consequences, or change your stance about the legitimacy of having a monopoly provide the service.

The state is a monopoly provider of justice and security. That makes it a single point of failure, and a high-value target of corruption.

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Play to Evolve
Hey fellow Libertarians, my way of contributing to the liberation of all is finally available at Amazon for $0.99 as a game for Android devices, which you can play alone or with others.
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- Transform anger into peace
- Level up your family's emotional intelligence
- Deepen all your relationships
- Decrease susceptibility to manipulation
- Improve negotiation skills
- Heighten awareness of other perspectives
- Shift into having a more positive outlook
- Improve workplace communication efficiency
- Increase effectiveness as a parent
Finally, an easy and low cost way for anyone to get the game!
Please write a review on Amazon after buying!
Your contribution makes the world a better place.
Based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg

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When you think about how many people are encarcerated for conspiracy to commit a crime.

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"As long as the people believe in political "authority," neither a revolution nor a civil war will fix the problem.

When the people stop believing in political "authority," neither a revolution nor a civil war will be necessary."
~ Larken Rose

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Interesting how these old World War 2 Propaganda posters are still just as relevant today with only a couple small tweaks. See more at
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