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Hey and welcome!

Now before you start Role Playing, here are some rules you must abide by.

1. No bullying. Any bullying will be deleted and you'll be kicked out of the community.

2. No sexual content. Kissing, cuddling sure, none of the dirty deed here please. This is a PG-13 community. Any sexual content will be deleted.

3. You can be a canon character but you need to check the roster to make sure there are no other role players who are the character you wish to be. If the character is already taken, then you may try for another character or make your own super, superhero.

4. You cannot Role Play until your Character Profile is approved by a moderator or +tony stark. If we tell you to fix something, or something is wrong and won't be accepted, just fix it. Don't argue.

5. Don't judge other people's OC's or PRing skills. Some people aren't as good as you, and that's fine. Don't just stop Role playing because they're not as good as you. Help them to improve their skills. This is a community... be neighborly.

6. When you join, don't be a silent member. This a role play community, make your character profile, and Role Play!

7.And most important, don't forget to have fun!

Thanks for joining! Have fun!

Below is the template for your character's information!

Profile Template:








Superhero nickname:


Hey! So to keep things organized this is a Roster. I need you to comment your Character’s name and which Earth he/she is from and we can get things sorted out!

Peter Parker- Earth 1: Me Won’t let me tag me

Peter Parker- Earth 48: +peter parker

Name:Barry Allen



Likes:singing,running,saving peoples lives


Friends/family:iris west,joe west,Wally west,Cisco Ramon,Caitlin snow,Batman,Superman,cyborg,Wonder Woman,Aquaman,etc.

Powers:super-speed,time travel, vibrate to walk through walls,throws lighting,travel in the multi-verse.etc

Superhero nickname:The Flash

Bio:My mothers death is what keeps me going on who I am. My mother is who keeps me running and staying as the flash

I need your guys help I’m building a team that can not only protect planet earth but the multi-verse it self I’ve known some of you for a while so please help me

3 Spider-Man’s from 3 different earths this fun

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Hello everyone

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Sending Information Of myself From Batcomputer to the Avengers Computer
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Profile: Earth 1 Batman

Name: Bruce Wayne

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Likes: Hiding in the Shadows
Dislikes: Crime, Superman

Bio: I fell down a well and found a cave which will later become my bat cave and well my parents got shot and they died so I deciated my life to taking down Criminals ever since then.

Alias: Hero
Nickname: Batman
Powers: Is Rich And has a lot of gadgets

Allies: The Flash, Green Arrow, Spiderman, Entire Justice League, Commisoner Gordon
And The Avengers

Enemies: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarface, Scarecrow, Bane, Catwoman, Posion Ivy, Two Face, The Riddler And so much more

Buisness: Wayne Enterprises

Gadgets: Batmobile, Batarangs, Batman Grappling Gun, Bat Rocket Launcer, Bat Krpytonite Gun, BatBike, Batboat, Batsubmarine, BatPhone, BatSonicGun, Batman Energizer Gun, BatSpaceship, And Batman Cannon
is this acceptable
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The CW should have a flash and Spiderman crossover

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Barry I'm drunk now
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