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The Ubuntu Budgie team are pleased to announce our first official beta release for 17.04.

Release notes can be found here ( and if you are interesting in helping us test and find those pesky bugs, look at our testing page for instructions and download links ( 

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Ubuntu Budgie REMIX 16.04

Hi, anybody knows were I can enable concurrency, usually I go in /etc/init.d/rc. But Ubuntu Budgie don't have rc file


Hi, this is in regard to budgie 17.04 beta 1. I have need two information.
1) Right click mouse to open terminal : Is it missing or do I need to tweak something.
2)Graphical glitch: When pressing options on the top bar such as power button, or bluetooth or budgie menu, it seems the menu jumps twice before opening(this is not present in 16.04 or 16.10 remix).

thank you.

Hi, I dont know whether this problem already have a solution or not, as I have searched but could not find any.

I have tried budgie-remix 16.04.02 and as well as 16.10. In both of them, when I open any web page(be it with chrome or firefox), some texts appear as rectangles. I have tried rebuilding font caches and stuffs but still they didnt fix the problem.

Sorry I forgot to take a screenshot before posting this, but I can provide if it is getting difficult to understand my issue. I love budgie like sooo much so it would be of great help if there is a fix.

Another isuue not much imp.: when trying v17.04 i could not open wifi hotspot there is an option but it does nothing.

Thank you.

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Our 17.04 Beta 1 candidate release is now available. We need a quick turnaround to help out with the testing of these ISO's using the test-cases described on the ISO quality-assurance tracker. More information about the ISO tracker - how to use and where to download the beta 1 candidate is available in the weblink.

*Please help out if you can.*

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Calling all translators
Our 17.04 installer slideshow is now open for translating - we need 26 strings translated from english to your native language / locale.

Its really easy - login to your launchpad account - join the translation team for your language and begin translating.

Many thanks in advance for helping out to make our first official release welcoming for every user from around the world :-)

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my ubuntu-budgie have some difference.
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Somebody knows how i make my panel transparent?
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