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I'm really excited about the contest:D
I really like this community ♡
And I love doing customs ♡
And I think I'm good at Customizing
Here a example of a custom I made

When does the contest
How many rounds (so I know how many customs)?

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What should be the theme for this upcoming event?
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warrior cat

Prizes: 1st place: 5 subscribers! a follow on google! a a few comments on your videos! and you can help me judge next round! 2nd place: 3 subscribers, a follow on google, a few comments on your videos, and you can help judge next round! 3rd place: 1 subscriber, a follow on google, a few comments on your videos, and you can help judge next round!
I hope you join!

Hello everyone! Welcome to this round of LPS Custom contest/NTM :D
So heres how it works. You just make a lps custom of the theme and this custom MUST be your own sorry :/ And someone will be eliminated every time theres an event. If you cant mmake it to the event which you will have 3 days to because the event will always last 3 days! You put a picture of your lps custom you are entering in the NTM/Contest! It can be a sloppy picture :P Any ho you must follow these rules..
1 Be nice 2 you can stay in this comunity and attend the events to see hats happening! :P 3 You will get 2 weeks to make the custom. I will set a due date soon. 4 you get 5 skips :P 6 Be ORIGINAL!! :D 7 Follow the theme. 8 No cyber bullies :P 9 Be yourself! 10 HAVE FUN!!! (This one is a must.) I hope you join! Let the competition begin!
I wil be announcing the prizes in a new update!

I am excited to be in this Community! cant wait for the first LPS Custom Contest Round 1 to start!
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