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Learn the way successful marketeers world over doing it, do it with limited or no budget
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Attend Msme World event on Digital Marketing in Hyderabad
Date : 30th July, 3.00 PM
91 Springboard, Kavuri Hills, Beside Hotel Jubilee Ridge.

Registration : Rs.200

YOU NEED A NETWORK You need YOUR Network. Everyday. A network will help you deal with some of life's minor annoyances as well as major challenging problems. Your Network can provide role models, advise you, comfort you, provide you with financial assistance, intellectual and social resources and much more.
Without it you'll have a hard time finding a client, making a sale, seeking job, hiring a employee.
Build your Network,. A network of people who you could on and who can count on you in case of emergency.
Build and Cultivate your Network.
Here is an opportunity Msme World providing you to work on and build your​ Network.
Attend Msme World Networking Meeting in Hyderabad on 26th March, 3.00 PM @ 91 Springboard, Kaavuri Hills, Hyderabad.

A Brand new Small Scale chemical manufacturing unit located in Tamilnadu state, India requires Business Partners or complete take-over as Ownership. If interested contact +91 9791531058 (whatsapp No) or +91 9445179203

Invitation for "Msme World" Meeting in Hyderabad
Hello Friends
Invitation for Msme World 4th Meeting
Date : 24th April, 2016 from 4.00 PM onwards.
Venue : Vasavi Club A/c Auditorium
2nd Floor, Vasavi Kalyanamandapam Complex,
Lakdikapul, Hyderabad.
Landmark : Opp: Sensation Theatre / Near Telephone Bhavan
Agenda :
1. Welcome address
2. 30 Sec Introduction of Participants promoting their Business
3. Short workshop by GK on Law of Attraction with focus on Attracting Wealth
4. Presentation by 2 members 
a. Mr. Ratnam from “Capital Float” a digital lending platform.
b. Mr. Suresh Iyer from “” a Farm to Home platform.
5. Members Networking 
Stall by Dolphin Ice Cream offering franchise for their Stone Ice cream.
We solicit you presence for the meeting.
Please kindly confirm your participation.
Note : Registration charges FREE for members who paid Rs. 1000 annual charges and Rs. 100 for others. Registration charges to be paid at the venue.
Msme World

Digital Marketing for Small Business

What is Digital Marketing
It is term used for Targeted, Measurable and Interactive marketing of Products, Services or Brands using Digital Technologies or Digital Products like Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tabs connected to Internet. 

The key points of Digital Marketing are 

1. It can be Targeted to any identified segment,  let it be based on Geography, Sex, Age, Income, Tastes, Preferences etc.
2. It is also measurable. One can easily measure the responses for the campaigns.
3. It is also interactive. 
4. Digital marketing is promoted through electronic devices connected to internet like Computers, Tabs, Smart Phones.
5. Unlike traditional marketing  media like newspapers, television etc which are very costly , Digital Marketing  is very affordable, it can be even free.
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