Is boost::property_tree maintained? The github repo has a lot of open PRs and no activity since 2016.

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C++ conference with Boost contributors and C++ Standard developers will happen in Belarus very soon!

I was following Boost 1.66 tutorial for ASIO Timer 1 to Timer 3 ( I was quite intrigued as the documentations seem to have misssing info. Searching around got me to the old documenations where I could see the whole thing. I switch to 1.65 and it is good. However, I still get the recommendation to switch to the latest page, which has missing info. Can someone notify the dev team about this error? Am I the first one to notice this?

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C++ conference with some Boost contributors and other famous developers will happen in Russia soon.
First day of #cpprussia is about to be awesome: +Jon Kalb, +Andrei Alexandrescu, +Jonathan Boccara, +Herb Sutter (via skype, but still), Arno Schödl and other great speakers #cpp

Can I ask naive question about reading boost code. Does anyone use some mature IDE to read the boost code under linux(specifcally, ubuntu). Since currently I am using vim, but sometimes, i always prefer to use an IDE to give more annotations. since I have use qt/Kdevelop/eclipse, but all of them seem not support the construction, most of them support cmake build system. I felt a little bit depressed about it. Does anyone has some reconmendations?

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Links to the specific library release for the peer review starting tomorrow
My third Boost peer review begins tomorrow, and lasts ten days. Let's hope that this time I succeed, only been at this since 2012, and the proposed C++ library only since 2014!

#boost-outcome #boostcpp #cpp

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Top Interview Question Binary Search Algorithm

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Real world examples of Identifiers Literals Keywords and other Tokens..

Interesting video.. 😊😊

Someone help about my trouble. :(
I can't install the boost in my laptop.

I got the error of this command.
'tar --bzip2 -xf /path/to/boost_1_65_1.tar.bz2'

error message
tar: Unrecognized archive format
tar: .tar.bz2: Not found in archive
tar: boost_1_65_1: Not found in archive
tar: : Not found in archive
tar: to: Not found in archive
tar: : Not found in archive
tar: path: Not found in archive
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

My operation system is Mac os(sierra 10.12.6)

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Guys, is there any news about boost::di review? It was recommended for review but review still isn't even scheduled.
I just started using it and it is amazing piece of architecture!
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