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Dilip Shah

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Soil contamination through demolition of existing structure hazardous materials with KF-Ash

No Harmful Leaching with KF-Ash and it is inert and completely safe for the environment.

We recommended Definitely, it is ideal field for KF-Ash application. Local raw materials can be used, wether chemically or organically contaminated, from demolished building sites and waste treatment facilities. Paper cores, post consumer plastics, water treatment plant sludge (the more heavy metal content the better for KF-Ash performance); fly and pond ash, etc., all can be safely and effectively used for building new structures such as wall panels, precast structures, etc, with KF-Ash. KF-Ash safely encapsulates these hazardous materials preventing any leaching.

KALMATRON® KF-ASH The Petrography of that concrete may even exceed the Modern Standards of structural concrete. The technologies solves problem of incinerated industrial waste IIW productive utilizing, local concrete aggregates, landfill storage and landscape engineers.
This process is very “GREEN” and saves Money.
Properties of Green Concrete has a resemblance of natural rock created by volcano heat and tectonic pressure to form an accomplished isotropic structure performing its strength, impermeability,and resistance to corrosion for hundreds of years. .
Green for Growth Building has launched a campaign to persuade the government to stimulate investment in green construction.
Please contact us at, for more information regarding the information mentioned above or enclosed within. Thanking you in advance for your time and hoping to hear from you soon.

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very good information for civil engineers
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