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Relationships: (Family, friends, ect.)
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my dragon lands on top of the school chari come down! open RP*

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NAME: fox
AGE: 15
LIKES: darkness, hiding, sleeping, my hook, pranks
DISLIKES: being the center of attention, bullies, showoffs, flashlights, haters, school
FAMILY: the foxy's, the mangles, and their kids, then NM mangle, and NM foxy are my parents
FRIENDS: really no one
Crushes: none I'm a loner
PERSONALITY: quiet, smart, thoughtful, creepy at times, bored easily, loves to pull pranks
ENEMIES: none…… as of right now, anyways.
First pic is me, second one is of my parents
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like my pet?
owner: +fredbear the awsome 

name: charizard x

age: 15

Bio: just dot get near him if he gets sick

likes: fruit, friends and animatronics

dislikes: UTTP, the grim reaper and show offs

personailty: fun gental and happy

Walk in empty room and flops onto a vacant bed. wonder if anyone will actually want to share a room with a freak like me. *puts everything of his(so nothing) away and falls asleep* open rp

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(A dark forest)
julia is walking around with her pet "puppy"
Julia: come here, Cerberus!

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Name: Chiki
parents: Toy chica and none
Likes: Cake and Pizza
dislikes: Going a day with cake/pizza
Personality: Friendly but if u hurt my friends ill go crazy
Enemies: Whoever hurts my friends.
human/animatronic: Animatronic
Natural Skills: Get friends easy
Gender: Female
Family: Toy Chica and no other

goes through hallways ways and puts on just gold on my beatbox

Golden Freddy Jr.
Goldie (( I prefer to be called this))
Golden Freddy
14Years old
Likes: snacks, sports, being rebellious against adults,
Hates: school, bullies, vegetables, and not having his phone on him, spelling, being called names because of his eyes
N. Skills: gets this from father can appear randomly and torment the soul of ppl. he's gonna take after his dad one day.
Personality: rebellious, dangerous when silent. Eyes go red if mad, he floats, and torments everyone around him. (( he was the one who was bitten in 1987)) so he's still adjusting to "the dead life". Sensitive about huge ears, always wears sunglasses to hide eyes
Human in animatronic
Family toy Freddy and Freddy are uncles, Golden Freddy is dad
Friends: none. Kinda a loner. Hatred towards humanity and animatronics.
Enemies no one in particular yet. (( and that's a HUGE yet))

In the office tormenting humans. (( open rp))
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