☺ Hai, everyone! I was wondering if I could join your server, but I'm not really sure how to do that. I play a lot of Creative in my spare time, (I love building big and small structures/buildings), and I'm also pretty decent at Survival Mode. If you see this, feel free to reply whenever you're available. Thank you :D

P.S. I can guarantee you guys a shout-out for this server on my YouTube channel

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is this server still alive?

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Hey what happen to ecoccaft stripe tell me why im not white listed?

Please I would really like to loin the server, I like to do a lot of pixel art. Can you email me the ip for the server, that would be AWESOME

May I join the server? I would love to be a member of a community like this! I can spotlight it on YouTube too,

I sendt an application, my IGN is MrGatsby

Can i pleaseee join ? its my dream to join a server like this!!

Please can i join?
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