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Hello there! We have been quiet here, but wanted to give some news and especially introduce our new application, Palabre, which allows you to read news with style!

No matter if you like DIY, Tech, Video Games, Android (or even iOS!), Movies, etc, you will be able to read articles about it. You choose whatever you want to follow.

It can be used as standalone with RSS feeds, and it is even better with Feedly, as you can sync your read and saved articles between your devices and Feedly website.

You can also use it to read (only) your Twitter feed with the Twitter extension.

It's free and made by the same guys that did Beautiful Widgets, so give it a try!

Beautiful widgets showing wrong sun rise and sun set time

Good one!!

Have not had any problems using Samsung Galaxy S7 newest Android 2017

I already paid for this app using my Gmail on a different phone why should I have to buy it again

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this page is a joke. there hasnt been an update for over a year!

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Время почему-то не обновляется автоматически, на устройстве Xsiomi Redmi Not 4

Quite some issues these days. Geo location tagging is not right.

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