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Hello and Welcome to the Galavant Role play community.

First step is to join this community.
Step two is to make a character profile using the temple bellow for ether your own character or for one of the unclaimed Canon characters.
(bellow are images of all the canon characters so take a look)
step three is to start Role playing and have a good time in the Seven Realms

P.S. If you wan to just post stuff about Galavant or share communities that is fine as long as you put it in the miss section.

Profile Template:

Title: (opt)
Abilities: (Opt)
Galavant crew
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Name: Madalena
Title: Queen of Valencia
Age: 26
Family: unknown
Abilities: manipulating, seducing men
Friends: Gareth
Madalena lived in a village and used to date galavant but then is kidnapped by king Richard who marrys but they get divorced
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Name: Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta
Title: Princess of Valencia
Age: 24
Family: King and Queen of Valencia (parents), Prince Harry (cousin) 
Abilities: Skilled in swordplay and an excellent actress
Equipment: Rapier
Friends: Galavant, Sid
Bio: Isabella is the only child of the King and Queen of Valencia. Despite his love for her, Isabella's father had always wanted a male heir. From time to time she humored him and allowed him to treat her as one. She learned a lot from him and became proficient in the art of swordplay. Tragedy occurred when Isabella's kingdom was conquered by King Richard. During the occupation her parents were held prisoner while Isabella was forced to go into hiding. She spent months in the cellar of her own castle keeping out of sight and protecting the fabled "Jewel of Valencia". Isabella eventually emerged from her hiding place when she witnessed King Richard threatening to kill her parents. Although King Richard now had possession of the jewel he was after he decided not give it to his Queen as he originally intended. Instead he intended to use Isabella in a scheme he concocted to kill his wife's former paramour Galavant. To that end he gave the jewel back to Isabella along with specific instructions on how to lure Galavant into Valencia for a trap. Richard promised that if she did as she was told her he would spare her parents lives and his army would leave her country. Isabella agreed to his plan in order to protect her loved ones and save her homeland.

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We need more members.

anyone want to RP?

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Cat fight!!

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Well we may not die but still we might.

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Name:King Richard
Bio:When Richard was a child his parents were to busy ruling to pay him any attention. His only friend growing up was an elderly servant named Pearl whom Richard felt was the only person who ever loved him. As a child he chose to eat his feelings along with a lot of bread resulting in him being overweight. When his father passed away he attended a ceremony in which his elder brother Kingsleywas going to be sworn in as King. However, Kingsley refused preferring not to be handed his own rule. Richard was chosen next after he announced his presence to the gathered crowd with a fart. A young squire calledGareth was made his personal guard and the sword of the King was to be given to him to symbolize his rule. Richard was humiliated when Kingsley grabbed the sword instead before leaving to conquer his own kingdom. This affected Richard into adulthood as he always felt like he was everyone's second choice.

As he grew into adulthood his hobbies as King included raising taxes and upsetting the poor people. One day he noticed Galavant's lady Madalena and was instantly smitten. After his attempts at wooing her failed he had her kidnapped by Gareth. Madalena was taken back to his castle where Richard planned on forcing her to marry him. Galavant interrupted the wedding ceremony to reclaim his love but was shocked when Madalena chose Richard over him. However, the marraige was unsatisfying as it was never consummated since Madalena claimed to have taken a vow of chastity. The relationship became further strained due to Madalena's shrewish attitude towards Richard. To please her he invaded and conquered Valencia simply to acquire a precious gemstone for her. During this time he grew to despise Galavant due to his wife's constant habit of unfavorably comparing him to her ex-lover. Because of this Richard decided to put his focus on killing Galavant instead. To that end he blackmailed Valencia's Princess Isabella to help lure Galavnt into a trap.

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