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Next Xposed Store version to include an addditional module information view

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Did you know you can request feature modules that you want to be added in the Store. Simple send me an email at or post it here in the community.

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A web version of the Xposed Store made available here:

what can I do when the Status Bar [Text] App force closes when opening? on Resurrechtion Remix 5.8.5

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Similar app of xMIUI ? Why dev stop supporting app development ? 🤤

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I introduce you to Yung Cet Xposed Store.

What is it?
Yung Cet Xposed Store is a place where you will be able to install standalone-features as modules from both Status Bar [Text] and Battery Status Clock. Here is a list of some of the standalone-features that will be extracted as modules:

1. Smart Clock
2. HexaDecimal Clock
3. Roman Numeral Clock
4. Increase Clock Size
5. Decrease Clock Size
6. Gradient Effect on Clock and more

Different Date Formats extracted as modules:

1. EEE, MM
2. dd, MM
3. d,M and more.

Through the store, you will be able to install only the feature you need. However, this will not replace the Status Bar [Text] and Battery Status Clock. You will still be able to download and use the Status Bar [Text] and Battery Status Clock.

When will this be available for download?
28 February 2018

Advantages of the Store?
You will always have updated features and an instant access to newly introduced features you can install on the fly without needing to update the Xposed Store App. As soon as a feature is released as a module, it will be available instantly in the Store.

The main advantage of the standalone-features is that they are compatible with any latest Android Version as they don't require any permissions to access anything.


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