Hi all UK & Indonesian pick-up from the airport has been arranged for you. There will be people from Andalas University or Hotel outside the arrival gate.

Wish you all a safe journey to Padang.

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Hi All,

I am arrived in Padang and looking forward to welcome you. Sadiq


I have a return ticket on September 1st from Padang. I would be happy to stay a few days after the conference so would be happy to swap if anyone needs to get back to UK earlier. Look forward to meeting you all, Thanks Michaela

Hello... my name is Finny... Pediatrician from Padang... it's great to be join with you all in Padang.. See U ....

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Professor Indra Liupto (Mentor) & Dr Hardi Dasman (Indonesia Coordinator) Newton Fund Researcher Links Workshop Padang meeting with Governor to finalise welcome reception and cultural evening.  

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Dr Hardi Dasman (Indonesia Coordinator) receiving certificate of appreciation on organising the workshop from British Council.


My name is Sofia, I'm a research fellow at the University of Southampton.

Very excited for this workshop! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra province of Indonesia, which is the heartland of an indigenous ethnic group Minangkabau, which is a world's largest matriarchal society.
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