I remember when this was the shit.

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name Dalton Gaines
age 18
gender male
county Germany
rank private
weapon mg42 and mp44
personality: kind but some time mean
bio born 7/30/01 just got out of high school but I find out Germany went into war so I join
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เราคือกองทัพที่แข็งแกร่งที่สุดในโลกแล้ว และคิดค้นอาวุธที่รุนแรงและลอยบนอวกาศสามารถปล่อยยิวได้ครั้งละหัวจักรกลกระสวยข้ามทวีปได้

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Name: Chun Yan Kwon
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Country: South Korea
Rank: Soldier/ spy
Bio: Is a anti social High school girl who (after her parents died) decided to join the Military to support her young sister and best friend Gina Lee.
Personality: can be cold, sweet, Shy, quiet and Yandere
Likes: to listen to music,  (mostly K-Pop), sweets, drawing, singing and being alone
Dislikes: everyone who bothers her and gets in her way.

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Help me make this RP active! We need more players.

Walks into Command Room
General...I need a full scan of our units and technology.

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Name: Agent Shadow (real name unknown)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Country: Unknown

Rank: Spy/Assassin/Sniper/agent

Multi ammunition, multi calibur sniper rifle (can be disassembled for easy transport)

throwing knives

Alpha 0.0.1 stealth suit (advanced tech, cannot be seen through radar or heat vision. dark colour for stealth. extremely durable and bullet proof. cold and heat proof for multi terrain use)

Beta 0.0.1 Stealth bike (advanced tech, with the same properties as the Alpha 0.0.1 stealth suit)

close combat master 
lock picking
on the spot medical

Personality: Unknown

Bio: Not much is know about Agent Shadow. Not who she works for, what she works for, where she comes from or who she really is. A mysterious figure in the night, a shadow on a roof top...that is all many see of this elusive, secretive agent...

Appearance: same as the picture, but everything that is dark blue is black 

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Name: General Kenhu
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Country: South Korea
Rank: General
Bio: Seeing many battles, some lost, some survive. First, I was an officer for my platoon. Now, I'm one of the oldest in duty.

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Before I start. Is there any country without a General?
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