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The ethics of whether or not cupcakes would go down
RD would never be captured like that. Even if she would have been administered a sedative she would have
A tasted it in whatever pinkie gave it to her in
B it would have taken longer to actually come in to affect. The only way that could had have happened is if pinkie had a strong type of sedative, commonly only available to doctors. So at most it would take at least 30 minutes for her to be knocked unconscious.

Next for Rd
tied up in a basement with restraints.
Um no
We see that Rd is at least as strong as Aj who can in herself buck apple trees (a theory of its own) and therefore should be able to break the restraints. Especially if shes filled with Adrenalin.

Next for pony/ bunny/ griffin meat in pinkies tasty little wonders
The only way no one would find out is if she kept them to herself. Trust me when I say meat in cupcakes does not taste good. 

The only way she could be found out is if someone came down looking for the missing ponyville members and saw her tools. But i doubt she would let them come back up.
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Now excuse me I have angered the wild pinkamena diane pie so gotta run! ill give you another theory in a week till then 

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