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Looking For Group, or seeking other people who are currently Looking For Group.

I have a pretty large ambition right now. I would like to put together both an Actual Play Podcast, and an Actual Play video cast series on YouTube. I would love to be both Dungeon Master and Editor for the series, but that might be a little too much weight to carry on my shoulders. Ultimately, I would like to form a group a players who take turns being Dungeon Master for different RPG system or the same one if they choose. I would still like to DM every now and then, just not that often. 


Would you like to be both player and DM?


Preferably I would like to play a session once every two weeks for 4 or more hours, weekends hopefully, I guess that is going to depend on the people who join this group. I would like to be accompanied by travelers who are good public speakers and have an excellent chemistry with the rest of the cast members.


Are you good at speaking? Do people stop what they’re doing and pay attention to what you have to say?


There will be a few things that will be needed but not right away. For the way I plan on recording the podcast and video cast (not sure what to call this, so I just threw together video and cast, lame) of sessions, it will require a headset, and some sort of mic. It could be a mic you already own, or a mic on a headset. It will also require a web cam, unfortunately not a built in web cam or mic on a laptop, as their quality is usually poor (Unless you happen to have a built in web cam and or mic of good quality).

Without getting to detailed the way I plan on recording the sessions is by having myself and all players, DM, record their audio and video on their own computer/laptop instead of one person trying to record everything from their own computer. After a session is complete, everyone would transfer their recordings to me (I’m looking into an efficient way to accomplish this without risking corruption to data). By recording this way it ensures the best quality that we can manage with limited resources. I’m currently researching and will begin testing of recording software on the 30th of this month. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Now admittedly, I’ve edited audio together but I’ve never edited together audio and video, and I’m very aware that this is going to start out as a hard task for myself. But by the powers of the Computer Gods I’ll get ahold of it, form my own techniques, and get much needed practice. I guess I’m saying that it’ll be a few weeks before the first video and podcast is ready for public consumption as I’m looking to created something of a higher production that what I’ve listed and watched online. In the future after I’ve found the right people to be a part of this core group, I would love to incorporate recording with camcorders along with webcams to get multiple areas of coverage of players and DM faces for video series, but this will not be something that I’ll employ right away. I’ll also be attempting to teach myself very crude animation techniques to add into the video cast. I know this sounds like much, I’ll have the details worked out for everyone else.


Are you interested in this challenge and are looking for a chance to be a part of something? And what skills do you have that could contribute to this project?


Well travelers, foremost, I love playing RPGs, and I love watching; listening to movies, online videos, and podcast.  I want to challenge myself on a technical level and make some new friends to enjoy laughter and a happy moment with. I started playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons when I was 12 years old in 1994 and it was a core foundation in my teen years throughout Jr High and High School. I joined the Army in 2001 and played my first system outside of Dungeons & Dragons universe with Vampire: Masquerade and my eyes were opened to the possibilities of my imagination, and I explored even further to other various RPG systems.


What do you love about RPGs?


If you currently have a group already, and are interested in this opportunity, please say something, I’m open to ideas and am willing to sit in or step in for a session to see how the group chemistry is.


Are you ready?


I bid you well my fellow Travelers

Looking for a few Black Crusade players for Sundays, 9pm Central. 

Also looking for Rogue Trader players, for Mondays. 
Both will be ongoing games.

Is there a way to convert the wonderful adventures of S&W to D&D5E?
I mean, I just started learning the badic rules of 5E and am now proceeding further into detail.
Yet I am discovering so different systems, that I sometimes can't see the forest because there's too many trees in my view 😄
In S&W I see different things than in D&D5E like HD, Move, Save, CL/XP etc... (based on 'Starter Adventures' by Tim Shorts).
Can anybody help me?

Thoughts for how to discourage a GM form metagaming?

Robert, would it be alright to post occasional links to a blog that has AD&D content and non-commercial writings about DMing, campaign building and such or would you prefer just a straight up occasional post directly into the text here?  The blog just makes it easier for me to write down an idea or article once and then post the link different places rather than writing up something new everywhere I visit.  

I am working on a campaign for a friend, in the vein of haven/supernatural/x-files/spooksville/friday the 13th(tv series)/wearhouse 13... get it? hehe
Anyways, I a working off the idea of doing it via episodes. 
Adventure 1 would be just that a good adventure, but intertwined I will have startings of subplots, some that will materialize and complete in an adventure or two, others that are tip of the Iceberg and may take many adventures or the whole campaign to end. 

Have you done this before? What were some of the good and bad points to it? What did you learn from this type of gaming? 

I appreciate all of your feedback!

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So a question for you guys from the perspective of players...

Our group has two main GMs, myself and my friend, we've both been doing it for the same length of time but one of the things we differ on is journey detail.

I get caught up in getting the players from place to place and getting them into their next interaction as quickly as possible and I tend to scrimp on the details of the environment they are travelling through somewhat, where as my friend tends to paint amazingly detailed pictures of the place we are traveling through and the methods of the journey, but it seems to take us half our session time to get anywhere.

So as players what do you prefer? Is the extra depth of immersion worth the extra time to you? Or do you prefer to get your teeth into the action?

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Don't you just hate that player when your gming or playing who is more interested in their smart phone than what's going on. And then complains that nothing really happens with their character?

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Here's the general plot and a few notes for the Hyborian Fate Core game I'll be running for my best friend.

His character is a Khitan adventurer named Lun Yan. Somewhat of a roughish sellsword with a strong love for drink. He's fairly accomplished in the martial arts and because of his taste for wine, could be considered a “drunken fist” style fighter. He also has a love of poetry; both writing and reading, and plays a bit of music from time to time.

(This barely does the character justice, though. My friend has written a full two pages of character synopsis which is brilliant)

The story begins with a prelude; kind of a flash back to when he was eleven years old and his father had only recently become a captain at the Great Wall.

He meets and befriends a Kushite merchant named Mimbatu who sells fine silk and other exotic goods in Luxor in Stygia. Mimbatu tells him stories of some of his adventures and his life. Before he leaves through the wall, he tells young Lun Yan that if he should ever find himself in Luxor, to seek him out and they shall once again share stories and friendship.

Now, we begin the adventure 15 years later. Lun Yan is a grown man and adventurer. He is in a tavern in Luxor and in his drunken haze remembers his encounter with Mimbatu.

When he decides to find Mimbatu, he spends much time wandering and asking around. Eventually, he meets Inyoni, Mimbatu's daughter.

 Inyoni informs Lun Yan that her father was murdered several months ago. At first, she is suspicious of him,. But as she eventually learns to trust him, she confides in Lun Yan; telling him that she suspects that a secret cabal known as “I Need a Good Name Here” had her father murdered, but she does not know the exact reason why. She does know that a book her father kept was missing, and she believes that whatever is in that book can reveal why he was murdered.

As he investigates, Lun Yan learns that the Cabal maintain a labyrinthine network of tunnels and vaults below their lodge. It is designed to keep all of their valuable goods and secrets safe. There has never been a map drawn, and only the highest ranking members know the layout which they learn by being placed into the labyrinth and left there until they die or are able to escape. It is also rumored that the labyrinth contains four aberrant beasts that patrol as guards.

Ultimately the adventure will lead to him entering the labyrinth (this may be on purpose, or he may be caught and thrown there for the amusement of the Cabal).

When he finally reclaims the book and attempts to deliver it to Inyoni, he finds her limp and lifeless with a dagger through her heart. Written in blood on the table next to her are the words, “You may live if you give up the book, Khitan.”

As he leaves Inyoni's residence, he is assailed by three warriors.

This is as far as I've gotten.

What happens after this depends on how my friend wants it to go.

I suspect that most likely, he will attempt to evade the Cabal until he can learn the secrets within the book and why they wanted Mimbatu dead. And TBH… I'm not even sure of the specifics, but I do know that I ultimately want for the Cabal to be the servants of a Great Old One.

Any input and ideas on any part of it are most welcome!

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