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This Men’s Health Week, Better Rest Solutions Invites You to Take the ‪#‎8HourSleepChallenge‬ for a Chance to Win a ResMed S+! 
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Why does Zopiclone make alcohol taste SO GOOD?!

It just makes me crave booze so much! Even really cheap ass vodka that normally tastes like shit. But with the pills... the taste... THE FEELING, the warmth and the numbness you get feels so GOOD... I know it's stupid, dangerous, addictive etc but whenever i run out of weed, this combo is the only thing keeping me sane. 
I can't help it. I know sticking to just weed is safer but the sedative-alcohol high keeps calling me back. I don't know how to stop...

I can't fight the warmth.  I am drawn to it like a moth to light. Craving the numbness.  Wish I could sleep for a month at a time.
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