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A track made with vintage home keyboards!

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Latest LIVE set created using Volca sample, Volca FM, KO1 and Monotribe... somewhere between trip hop, grime and techno x Hope you enjoy it x

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In this video I talk about the process behind my latest synthwave tune and give some beginner friendly advice on mixing and mastering

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Since r/synthesizers is being a bit not-noob-friendly I thought I'll post this here too, sorry for the long post in advance.

A few days ago, I posted asking about a bunch of polysynths, mainly analog/partly analog, after going to two stores and actually playing the synths I've changed my mind, but before I continue, here's a bit of relevant background info:
I'm mainly a guitarist and singer/songwriter, very much into Psychedelic-Rock, but also with a bit of Hard Rock/Classic Heavy Metal and Blues(-Rock) influences.
About half a year ago, I got an Arturia MicroBrute, and thought that I'd grab a poly later on.

Well, after trying out some polysynths yesterday, and after talking to one of the store employees, I think that my initial plan wasn't that clever, first of all, I can't really handle three separate roles in a live show (guitar, vocals and synths - and I'm not willing to not play it all live), after listening to the music that made me want to get into synthesizers, I realized that the flexibility of monosynths and their more aggressive sounds are much better suited for my needs than polysynths.

As I said, I currently have an Arturia MicroBrute, which I like a lot, here are some options I thought of for the next synth, especially when considering the features AND price/s:
-Dreadbox Erebus.
-Roland SE 02.
-Arturia MiniBrute.

Here's what I liked and disliked about them:

1) Erebus:
-From the online demos, the sound seems HUGE.
-Can be played paraphonically (two notes).
-Easily expandable.
-Built-in analog delay (extra modulation options).
-Knob per function.
-Connections on CV/gate…etc.
-No built in keyboard (can I control it with the MicroBrute? Simultaneously?).
-Slightly limited VCA envelope, still, I can patch the other envelope in, though that still limits the sounds somewhat.
-Lacks a built-in sequencer.

2) SE 02:
-Roland build quality (the BOSS pedals I have are the most reliable pieces of gear I own).
-Perfect form factor (even if some may think it's small).
-Compatibility with the boutique-series keyboard.
-Knob per function.
-Connections (same as and a bit more than the Erebus).
-Flexible built-in sequencer.
-Can be poly-chained (not extremely important in my case though).
-Presets (not so sure of this).
-Built-in delay (is it analog though, digital is too clean for my taste).
-Temperature-stabilization and automatic tuning (Roland are damn good at this).
-Can't confirm it yet, but it's probably the cheapest one of the bunch (even when factoring in the price of the keyboard).
-Presets, I never liked anything digital on guitar mainly for this reason, I hate changing presets when the knobs aren't gonna turn and change in accordance, don't think it'll be different here.
-Compact (kinda crammed), though I don't think I'll be doing a lot of "on the fly" changes.
-Still new, hasn't been reviewed yet.
-Still no expected shipping dates or LOCAL prices (high import tax here, have to get it from a local shop if I want a good deal).

3) MiniBrute:
-I really like the MicroBrute.
-The Steiner-Parker filter is really nice, especially that it doesn't "thin-out" a lot at high resonance settings.
-Extremely flexible oscillator, for most uses it really replaces the need for multiple oscillators.
-Only one with a built-in keyboard without any added price.
-Midi connectivity (control both synths?).
-Lots of connection options.
-Flexible LFOs.
-Semi-weighted keyboard WITH aftertouch (though the Microbrute has the latter on it's keyboard too, it just doesn't utilize that).
-Knob per function.
-More similar-sounding to the Microbrute.
-Bigger than the other two (not by much though).
-Might be less flexible than the others.
-The controls are kinda crammed a bit, but again, as with the SE 02, not a big problem IMO.

So, I think I still have a while to decide (especially while I'm still waiting for more info on the SE 02), I'd like to hear your opinions, have I gone crazy from wanting an analog poly to another analog mono? Are there any other options I should've checked?
Also, can I control the SE 02 with the Microbrute? (Simultaneously)

P.S. I don't care a LOT about effects since I have lots and lots of pedals.

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I'm mainly a guitarist, I play lots of psychedelic blues-rock, and I've already gotten an Arturia MicroBrute as my first analog synth.
I'm itching to play chords though, and as such I'm looking into getting a small and affordable polysynth, thought about the Korg Minilogue, but it seems that there aren't any other options really…
What would you recommend?

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