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I just found out why this worked for me but most people said it didn't work. It's because I shared it to a community. So I was amazed, but then everyone was like "I don't get it", and I didn't understand why until I wanted to see it again, so I shared it again, this time to Public, and it didn't happen that time, so I shared it privately with a friend of mine and still nothing happened, then all it made sense. I read the comments on the original post, and most of the people were unimpressed but a few were all "Oh My God!!!" because most of them were sharing it publicly and privately, and it doesn't work if you do that. So you know that now.


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Ahoj jmenuji se Klára Malíryjová, pracuji v hotelu jako obsluha. Narodila jsem se 9. Dubna 2003, je mi 12 let. Moje nejoblíbenější jídlo je mrkev.
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Hi this is my pet shop and information
Is looking for a guy who is beautiful,smart a no not too much clever but it will be enough
So that's all for now

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Name:Ali Willow
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuallity: Lesbian
Personality: Sweet, tomboy, stubborn, sporty.
Likes: (loves acctully) Making out with Ella and making (and eating of course!) Pancakes.
Dislikes: Fights, lazy people, and mushrooms.
Relationship: Ella
Crush: No one, is already happy with Ella
Bio: hi guys! I hope we can become great friends! LpsLassie is going to make a series about mine and Ella's life so stay tuned! :D


Lola Jones: soooo how are all of you peeps?

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Name: Lola Jones Age: 13  Gender: Female  im mostly a tomboy but i am a bit of a girly girl i love making friends and helping people so if you wanna be friends then Yay! i love music i love to sing and dance i love to read fun books and ya bye for now

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hello peeps 

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i love this song

you see hunter enter the door and he's seems depressed when you bump into him and you.................................

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Name: Adrianna Willows
Age: 16
Gender: Female
 Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Popular, sassy, friendly
Likes: The beach, swimming, aqua, fashion
Dislikes: Little sister, peanut butter, rain
Relationship status: Single ((Open))
Crush: ((Open))
Bio: Just moved here from Florida, in old school was very popular. Loves fashion and one day wants to become a fashion designer.
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