Hello all, i have a MI band 2, i'm looking for a new tracker wirh same features plus blood pressure, blood oxygen and fatigue level. Any syggestuons?


Is there a fitness tracker that provides a raw data of your activities that could be used by other apps rather than only the one provided with device ?

Lobbying for a better swim lap counter

I have been looking for he perfect solution for years for lap tracking and HAVE NOT FOUND IT in spite the many current offerings and inspite of the excellent review at


The acceleration based lap pool trackers just do not hack it for accuracy and that includes everything I have been able to examine. As far as I was able to determine with my small effort, there is NO ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION so far.

What is needed as a sensor is a LOW LATENCY, LOW POWERED, 3D compass fast enough to track arm movements as in a watch or in worse case attached to the swimmer with a particular orientation.

Technically speaking, if a lap counter can dependably tell which direction a swimmer is swimming in a lane, then much more accurate lap counting should be possible than is currently being achieved. This means using a compass in addition to acceleration in order to tell what the swimmer is doing.

(By the way, in theory with enough computing power and sampling, calculations of a line integral based on vector acceleration could accurately track ANY closed curve repeated path as in swim strokes, lane lap swimming, track sports, or any arbitrary closed cross country routes, WITH THE SAME ALGORITHM IN ALL CASES! ALSO using FFT methods cycles, sub cycles and combined cycles could be be simultaneously analyzed from a single sensing point such as a watch or angle band, including both upper arm, lower arm, or upper leg, lower leg movement...or both laps and repeated arm movements at the same time. )

I have been recording my own one and two mile swims for my last 1700 miles of swimming. (see sellers.com and follow the link, 2 mile swims.)

I've gone through years of frustration because I have to manually count along with my Garmin Swim in order to be sure that the result is dependable enough....it is difficult but better than either manually counting or depending on the Garmin Swim alone.

We all really would benefit from more compass sensing and calculation technology so consider lobbying the manufacturers for this.

Thanks for your attention to this matter,
John Sellers

My training circuit at the gym includes 30-40 minutes on a recumbent cycle (plus weights and floor exercises). Is there anything available that can capture leg motion and work in conjunction with the Apple Watch, iPhone Health app, and the Polar H7 HRM?

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What about extending the comparision Chart with one column "Auto recognation sports type" ?

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Can someone fix the links to life beam? (http://lifebeam.go2cloud.org -> http://life-beam.com)
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Hello! I need help choosing the right activity tracker for me.
I'm looking for something to track my daily activities and my fitness routine (cardio+core+resistance exercises) with calories burnt and that can track sleep cycles well (a smart alarm is a big plus).
I don't need it to be waterproof, but it's an appreciated feature nonetheless.
I have a Nexus 5 with last version of Lollipop and use MyFitnessPal.
Thank you! ^_^

Has anybody seen the inbody band?  Inbody is a big company with other products, but they were launching the band through a kickstarter campaign.  It has body composition feedback.  Also--does anybody have any feedback on the Pebble?

I have been driving myself crazy looking at fitness tracker reviews.  I have two main features that I am looking for.  I don't necessarily want to swim with it, but I have kids and we spend a lot of time in the summer in the pool.  I don't want to have to take it off all the time, so waterproof is something I really want.  I had a Jawbone UP24 that flaked on me, and I really loved the feature that would vibrate to wake you up during lighter sleep.  I haven't been able to find a tracker that also has both of these features.  Anything?
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