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This is the new generation that one community that everyone has been searching for! So join stop looking at it and say it's dumb cuz it's only dumb when u don't JOIN! So what's the hold up? NEW GENERATION OF MUSIC, NO ONE JUDGES YOU, AND U R FREE TO MAKE MUSIC!!!

Stop waiting and join so u can do wht u love also invite friends so this community can grow PLEZ!

*1.*no making fun of each other in less it's a battle of rap
2. no more rules in less needed so far NONE


New song I wrote was

Pain By: J-Dog
Intro/ I've been trim to figure this out/ from trin to find the Wright route/ but with each attempt it's a failure/

V1/ look he's been trim,
To stop his crin',
And move on,
But know he wrote a song,
To perform in front of his mother,
Next thing he knows he's a big brother,
All over again,
Now he has to take another step,
But he can't,
Cuz he no longer has a chance,
But he does have since,
In less,
U take it away,
Just like how my heart was thrown into a different place,

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Every time my phone rings i smile from ear to ear
But wen i talk to u i speak with fear
Like damn girl im just so scared
I dont wanna mess this up
I really care
I feel like u can be the girl ive looking for all these years
I am just so tired of shedding these tears
I just want someone who tell she loves me without lying to me
Someone who feels like theyre dying without me
But then i think bout u and all everything else get blurry
Like fr girl me without you is like
A sentence without spaces
A nerdy girl without braces
Im just done with all this mist
Me without you is like a book without chapters
I wasnt to catch feels but wen i met you they were captured
Trust me girl im not an actor what i say is real and i hope it matters
I just wanna be with u HAPPILY EVER AFTER
and i know im not perfect, my feelings are still scattered
I hope this means something cuz at least
It worked for marshal mathers.


This is the new version of music! Everyone has been looking for that one thing, community, collection, or web site that lets u post your lyrics, beat, or even video. Now you can do that hear and u can get help with your lyrics or just plain comments.

1) no talking trash about each other in less it's a rap battle
2) their are no more rules

Look....I know.....theirs a good part of me....but it's trapped

Verse 1/ I know I made mistakes/ Fallon over for people who say I'm fake/ but I got a keep goin/ if I don't I'll start slowin/ y did I get this curse/ to write a verse/ now it feels as if I'm a monster/ someone call a doctor

Yo....why the fuck does this happen?

Verse1/ I get up for school/ have to deal with fools/ for a second day/ of listening to them blab about fags/ can't take it/ want a just rip this dream to bits/ for I hat my life/ hate every mother fuckin advice/ from my teachers/ cuz their dumb as gay features/ look I don't hate gays/ in my eyes their the same/ it's when they call me a fucked up birch/ tellin me I should eat shit
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