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Hi i'm new c:
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Halp, it's been a while since I did things on here...
Tumblr kidnapped me...
Let us rp, about something...
Comment what.

non OC related rps are fine, right?

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Everyone meet my OC Codex. Liliku (Troll Name, Second picture) and her when shes her human dream self Clementine (first picture) HOMESTUCK OC
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Name-Shrire Kulrok
Age-8 sweeps
Weapon of Choice- Double sided scythe
Chumhandle- WolfRaven [WR]
Blood color-Candy red
God Tier- Maid of Blood
Like: faygo, drawing, art and mostly just faygo
dislike: being treated like a child, being told what to do
Lusus: Alpha-mom; a wolf with red eye on the left and the other yellow, 9 tails and wings.
Bio: Shrire is mostly a leader in her session but mostly treated like a child. She has a scar across her face due to another troll in her server attacking everyone in her server.

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Go follow plz 

I have a pretty cool youtube channel if any of you guys wanna check it out

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