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the steam engine to end all steam engines (the train to heaven) art not by me

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130 years of the railway line Novara-Varallo Sesia. The old station (1886), the loco depot and the revolving platform. Good vision!

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130 years of the railway line Novara-Varallo Sesia. The steam locomotives have an undeniable charm and this video focuses on the details of the two steam locomotives, Gr.880 and Gr.635. Good vision!

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130 years of the railway line Novara-Varallo Sesia with the historic diesel railcar ALn 772 3265 (year 1948) named "Littorina" and the steam locomotive Gr.880.051 (year 1922) and Gr.625.100 (year 1914).
In this video a moment of the fest and movements of the steam locomotive and historic diesel railcar. Good vision!

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On May 13th I caught Via train 1 "The Canadian" arrive in Winnipeg. with two wrapped "Canada 150" Locomotives and A Rocky Mounitaneer car. Enjoy!

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On April 21st, 2017, I went out in the evening to Hall Road just outside Winnipeg on the CN Rivers Subdivision, to see if any trains were going to pass by me. I cought this one, just as the sun was going down. Enjoy!

Train info:
Engines : CN 2887 : GE ES44AC (Built 2014), CN 2966 : GE ES44AC (Built 2014)
Cars : 104
Train ID : X406

(C) 2017 Trainboy Productions.

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The Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway or GWWD, is a 167-kilometre (102-mile) long industrial railway from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Waugh on Shoal Lake near Manitoba's eastern boundary in Canada. The line also goes by the Deacon Water Treatment plant. The railway was built between 1914 and 1916 to assist in the construction and maintenance of the aqueduct supplying fresh water to Winnipeg. It is owned by the City of Winnipeg. Follow along as we see the GWWD Railway in action!

Our first part of the tour starts at their St.Boniface Yard, where they are about to move a parts engine for the first time in years. The crew fires up MLW RS23 202 to do the job. they move the tank car and the Maintanance Engine out of the way and then get the parts unit, an MLW S13 number 201. They move 201 to the shop and then we get a look at other engines and things they have there.

we then head off to Deacon`s Corner,Manitoba to see them come into the Deacon Water treatment plant to get a filled tank car and drop off the empty. we see them cross their floodway bridge. they cross it and then go into the Treatment plant. the gate at the plant has been there since 2001. they switch around in the facility and come out. we get a closeup of 202 and the tank car and see it go off across the floodway bridge, back to the yard.

Info on the engines in this video
GWWD 202 - MLW RS23 Built 1960 as Devco Railway 202
GWWD 201 - MLW S13 Built 1959 as PGE 1003, to BCOL 503 (to be used for parts for damaged RS23 200 & scrapped)
GWWD 8016 - MLW RS23 Built 1959 as CP 8016 (parts unit)
GWWD 8018 - MLW RS23 Built 1959 as CP 8018 (parts unit)
GWWD 205 - Doodlebug Railbus Built 1921
GWWD 33442 - GE 44ton switcher built 1959

Thanks for watching the 1st episode of "The Railway Series" ! This is a series aI am doing that covers lots on Shortline Railways across the prairies and other places !

(C) 2017 Trainboy Productions .

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