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Welcome to the Brighton & Hove Community :- This is a community for those living in and around Brighton & Hove on the Sussex Coast of England. Please do not post anything that is not connected in some shape or form to Brighton and the surrounding area. Be polite, be courteous and please respect other members. If you post anything that is deemed to be offensive,spam or unrelated to Brighton and the surrounding area your post will be removed, you will be banned and you will be reported without warning.

So many people trying to post spam and unrelated posts here that I am having to remove and ban loads of people on a daily basis.

Thank you


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Hello everyone, we are new to this community.

We are a small art studio offering classes for children after school, Saturdays and during the school holidays.

We take children from 5 years up to 18 an offer mixed art classes which includes clay, painting and drawing and more, plus Fine Art Classes, Cartoon and Illustration as well as GCSE, A-Level and art scholarship help.

If you would like to learn more please do get in touch.

We look forward to seeing all the posts and being part of this community.


Brighton & Hove is an amazing group you need to join it's fun and just supper awsome

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British Airways i360 :- The world’s most slender tower celebrates the beauty of Brighton – and beyond.

Fascinating article explaining how Brighton's newest world record breaking tourist attraction is energy efficient and as 'Green' as possible.

New Community Photo :- Just a quick message to say I have changed the community photo from the Royal Pavilion to the West Pier's remains. There are several reasons behind this change which are as follows...
1 :- This month and year marks the 150th anniversary of the West pier.
2 :- The Pier is near the border of Brighton and Hove
3 :- I am getting a constant stream of requests from India for people to join this community. I think the Pavilion image is leading them astray.
4 :- It was time for a change.

The image used is actually one of mine.

Hope you all approve.

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My Verdict On The British Airways i360 :- Last week I won a pair of tickets for the British Airways i360 due to answering a question in a competition held on their Facebook page. I phoned them up and spoke to their Sales Executive who very kindly booked my free 'flight' to the top for Friday 5th August at 3pm. So on Friday I got into town around 1 pm and wandered through the streets in the sun and slowly made my way to the seafront and the i360. There were a few queuing at the wonderfully reconstructed West Pier Booth that's the ticket office but after 5 minutes I was in and at the counter. I was dealt with quickly and efficiently I found myself back out on the prom with a pair of free tickets and a smile on my face.

At 2:30 pm I was standing in line with my mum watching the incredible glass pod rise to the top. Everyone seemed happy in the queue and a few (including ourselves) were quite excited about it all. Just prior to 3 pm we were checked through security and out on the inner deck where we waited for the pod to rise up to our level. Like a well oiled machine (which it is) its doors were open and we all filed in (approx 200 of us) bang on 3 pm. It's hard to convey in words just how big and beautiful the glass pod is. You'd think 200 people in a fishbowl would be vying for space or bumping off of each other but the pod is so vast and spacious that it felt as if only 50 were in it. We found a place at the side looking towards Regency Square and stood chatting for a while. It was then that it suddenly dawned on me that we were moving...upwards. I have no idea how they manage to move 70 tons of glass and steel so smoothly or silently but it's effortless and so gentle that you hardly realise you are moving at all. Brighton calmly dropped away beneath us as we found ourselves making eye contact with the gulls soaring over the seafront. The view from the top is outstanding and breathtaking. I don't care how many have said it's pointless or an "isore" as it's an absolute engineering marvel and there are no words that can do it justice. You cannot get a view of Brighton like that from the top of the Racehill nor have I seen a view like that from any block of flats or Brighton tower block. The seaside City sits in a natural bowl that's clearly visible from the front at a height of 450 feet. A clear green natural border rises up beyond the City as the South Downs came into view. My mum couldn't stop grinning and loved every minute of it and I was overjoyed that I had taken her along for the trip to the top. Coming back down was equally as silent and smooth and we were deposited in the lower promenade section of the complex without a bump.
Most tourist attractions or theme park rides have a shop and the British Airways i360 is no exception. The difference with this shop is that it's not tacky. It's incredibly well thought out with something for everyone. There are books about the South Downs, Brighton and Architecture, Children's toys and jigsaws, fridge magnets, t-shirts , tea towels, prints, mugs and many other things all tastefully done.

We found the entire experience a little overwhelming and enjoyed every single minute of it. The staff were exceptional as was the i360 itself. To all those that hate it or are wishing it to fail....put your money where your mouth is and give it a try and then see how you feel afterwards. It's a triumph of engineering and I hope with all my heart that it goes on to put all the doubters in their place.
Me? Yeah ... I was blown away so much I bought the T-Shirt (I've never worn or bought anything with Brighton on it before) and we got a West Pier fridge magnet too featuring a shot of it in the early 1900's. My verdict is that the British Airways i360 is the best thing to have happened to Brighton for a very long time.
British Airways i360 5th August 2016 :- Ok here are all the shots that I took during my 'flight' and visit to Brighton's newest tourist attraction which is the World record breaking British Airways i360. Personally I'd have like to have had more time in the pod and to have been in there on my own but obviously that's not going to happen so these photos are the best that I could do under the circumstances. I will pop back at night sometime in the future and take a few of it with the lights on . If the gift shop is still open after dark (I presume it will be if the ride's still operating) I will endeavour to take a few through the shop's glass wall of the pod's mirrored underbelly all it up. I really can't explain just what an incredible experience and ride this is. the engineering has left me speechless,. The photos do not do it justice. The only way you'll find out is to step on and go skywards. Anyway here are my shots...
British Airways i360
22 Photos - View album

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Do you, or does someone you know want to be an actor? Get in touch with us about our two week intensive workshop with professional actors! 🎭

Hi all,
Iḿ want to contact teachers in Brighton.

I'm a PE teacher from the Netherlands in secondary School. We are visiting Brighton in four weeks. Looking for fun ideas in the area and or contacts with Schools in the area. The pupils we are visiting with are 12-13 years old. They are part of our billingual stream.

Hope to see a message.

kind regards Frank

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Going through some old stuff and found an old wallet. Really made me LOL. I put the guy from the Haunted Lanes tour flyer in my wallet, he used to judge me for spending money.
Spending Money eh? Don't be coy. You could put that on a horse!
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