also to name a few of the armors available from me i have shields. boots. chestplates. gauntlets. helmets/masks. flak jackets for the militaristic type.
greaves. neck guards. and more..
plus i guarantee you this is not a scam i really do love furries i even consider my self one, he's a russian dog named atlas.

Dear members of missouri's furries.
my name is devon "dima" albrecht and i am an armorer for furries.
i live in springfield missouri and i am 14. but my skills as a armorsmith are unique when it comes to looks and materials used. but i make high quality armor suits out of military grade tank patch tape, cardboard, metal, and wood/ leather. occasionally i add a little real kevlar.
i make armor suits for furries free, but for non-furries i charge money.
contact me at

oh by the way, whoever gets me the furry xepher sicarius's email i will reward them with an extra armor piece.
the reason is i think he's cool, i would love to have contact with him

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Hi! I'm Cat. My fur's name is Toshi (she's a dragondeer). I live in Illinois, but I'm very close to St Louis. Would anyone like to go to the St Louis zoo or the city museum sometime? I've been in the fandom since 2012, but still haven't made any irl furry friends. qAq

Any furry in the Springfield area wanna do a meetup somewhere in a week or two

Hey, what's up, i'm slightly new to the fandom, you can call me Judorinne that's also my furry amino feel free to chat with me if you want. Also I live near the aurora, Marionville, Springfield saying those because my town is not known well or at all. So as said before hit me up if you want to chat at all maybe meet up.

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Hi I'm Suds I'm new to the fandom and I live in Ozark Missouri it's over there by Springfield and Branson

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