Places biography.

The Cathedral: Sight where Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master fought when Dead Master went crazy. (Seen in the OVA) Mostly in ruins now. Gray walks and checkered floors

Region of Blades: A place of a bluish checkered ground with hundreds of huge black blades, bursting from the ground, it is surrounded by a colosseum like wall, which is a light blue. Managed by Black Rock Shooter

The Dead Lands: A lifeless, green, waste land with multiple black pillars and a large throne in the center which Dead Master sits upon. Managed by Dead Master

The Lava Fields: An area with floating cubes, that hover above active lava. The cubes can move by the will of its control. Managed by Strength

The Ruins of Revival: White ruins with pillars that look Greek and checkered floors. This is where defeated or new Otherselves rise from, either from the temple in the center or from the giant ravine north of the temple. Managed by Black Gold Saw

The Toy Graveyard: A horrid and haunting place filled with broken toys of a humongous size as well as a checkered floor to go with it. There's a large doll house somewhere deep in this creepy labyrinth which Chariot resides in. Managed by Chariot

The Arena: I place where Otherselves settle disputes, much like the Roman Colosseum besides that it's gray with a checkered floor. Otherselves are not allowed to die here.

Castle Of Dragons: A black castle that has black clouds looming over it, yellow and black checkered floors, and a black throne at the throne room. Black dragons fly around the castle. Ruled by Dragon Slayer

White Rock Shooter's Ship: A massive white and pink ship that slowly flys around the Otherworld, avoiding the Castle of Dragons. Captained by White Rock Shooter

High School of the Hosts: The high school where hosts get their education. Hosts only.

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